Thursday, September 8, 2011

I just miss her in my belly.

Boy, I miss being pregnant. I remember the exact moment that I looked at my little pee stick and saw the faintest of lines. I'm pretty sure that my heart stopped beating for just a second. It was the most life-changing moment for me.

I loved every second of being pregnant. Sure, I threw up like it was my full-time job, and it was often pretty painful, butttttt it was an amazing experience. This was me a year ago. And it definitely does seem like a year ago!! Crazy how things have changed and how far we've all come since September 2010.


Now we have a big girl on our hands. A super independent big girl that never wants to cuddle yet is majorly attached to her mama. My little buddy follows me around the house and flies around crawling to catch up to me.


How is it that my little girl is already giving her babies hugs and kisses? Oh she is the epitome of sweetness personified.


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