Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the teeth that just wouldn't come through.

Okay, top teeth, you can come in ANY TIME now!

I miss my gummy-smiled baby. True, her bottom teeth are insanely cute, but these teeth have been nothing but trouble. I'm pretty sure that they're solely to blame for my baby's restlessness at night and her random outcries in the middle of the night.

We're in a season (a long, seemingly never-ending season) of poor sleep habits. I have no idea what to do but to pull up my mommy panties (oh and I most certainly do own them!) and truck on and hope things settle down. Soon. Once she's asleep, we flip on the baby monitor and watch her squirm. Toss. Turn. TossTurn. Flip. Flop. Constantly! I've never seen anyone look more uncomfortable in my life.


She's also got this new thing where she's fast asleep. So peaceful. Then suddenly! BOOM! She pushes right up and tries to practice her crawling at 2am. Thankfully, Dr. Sears says this is normal (#8 on the list) but it's rough to watch. She was such a great sleeper at 6 weeks old. 5 hour stretches. Not a peep at night! Oh how I miss those days.

So come on in, top teeth! I've had it with you. I can see you peeking through my baby's swollen gums, and we're ready for you to make your long-awaited appearance.

Annoyed Mom and Baby

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