Saturday, January 29, 2011

stream of consciousness!

My sister is being a peach (best aunt ever!) and holding Adalyn so I can rest and blog. We just got through with Family Game Night - we played Candy Land, Operation, and Boxers & Briefs. Now? Time for a movie and then we're spending the night with Clayton!

Earlier this evening:

Me: Why can't we watch something fun? Like The Little Mermaid!! I wanna be where the people are, I wanna see.. wanna see them dancing..

Hudson: I wanna be Batman!

.... ok then!


Found the neatest little gadget/toy today at Dillards: a Cloud B Sleep Giraffe. I'd read about it online (as I read about all baby gadgets...) and decided to get it. $22 and totally worth it. It plays 4 different sounds, including Ad's beloved white noise. Puts her to sleep nearly instantly.

As long as she has a passy and is being patted to sleep too, that is!


Did I mention that we're going on the Disney cruise later this year? Because we so are! It has been my dream FOREVER to go on the Disney cruise, and Mark knew it!! We researched and thought long & hard on which cruiseline we would choose, but Disney caters to infants so perfectly - it will make a wonderful vacation for the three of us. Diapers or baby food can even be delivered to your room. Perfecto.


Tonight, Adalyn sucked on a bottle for the very first time. I decided to test the waters with formula - just for kicks - and she did suck it! Progress! Too bad that she held the formula in her mouth and refused to swallow because it tasted so bad. Ha! Poor kid.

And Adalyn's awake and ready to eat. The end!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your husband might be deployed if...

Your husband might be deployed if... can't remember the last time you shaved your legs're starting to build muscles from lugging around an infant car seat

..every time you lug around that infant car seat, you miss your husband's strong arms more than ever :) verbally say, "I wish your daddy was here!" to your child when times get rough! really don't care what you look like anymore. You just put on enough make up to get by :)

..other lovey couples going on dates and having fun together really makes you bitter inside

..instead of time "flying" with an infant, time is c.r.e.e.p.i.n.g. by've gotten accustomed to making calls and dealing with the annoying "stuff" that seems to happen only when your spouse is out of the country feel the need to document every ounce of every day, just so your spouse doesn't miss anything! spend your free time daydreaming about what life will be like when you're a family together again

We're (less than!) 5 months away, and I cannot wait. Guys, I hate this deployment. It's getting really old really fast, and he feels the same way. It definitely doesn't feel fair that he has a good chance of deploying every 6 months, and other guys never have to worry about it. What is fair about that? We are already worrying about whether he'll be called to deploy this December, and it sucks.

Just thought I'd be honest about it.

(And your meanie comments aren't welcome here, thanks! :))


Back when Mark was with us, life was grand. Our life was basically a permanent vacation by the beach, just the three of us, and we loved life. For fun, we'd go to Babies R Us (oh, I'm serious!), walk at the mall, or go to local parks. And did I mention eating out? Because that ranks up as our most favorite thing to do!

She never really got a taste of it. Don't worry, folks :)

(although she has had a taste of Kyoto soup, Graydon's squash, and a few other things. Just a taste on her tongue. bwhahaha.)


and just for fun, two random images:

Friday, January 21, 2011

what I would say to you:

Adalyn celebrated her 3-month birthday yesterday!

Only 9 more months of birthday planning!


Our sweet girl at 3 months

If Adalyn could speak (and understand) English, there are a few things I'd like to say to her at this time in her life...

  • The carseat? It isn't so bad. It isn't so scary. You're going to be in one for years to come, so you should start getting used to it now. There's really no need to scream your head off when I place you in your car seat.. promise!! Mommy would never torture you.
  • Your new "trick" of pinching and squeezing mommy with your fingers while I nurse you is not fun for me. I know you think it's neato to do, but it's not very cute!! It hurts me very much. I try to explain this to you every day, but I don't think you're getting the picture :)
  • Daddy is coming back to us in 5 months; just hold your horses!! I know you can't wait to see him. I certainly can't wait for us to be a family together again!
  • It would be really cool of you to sleep in your crib during naptime. Or sleep in your pack & play. Or swing. Or really anywhere other than mommy's arms :)
  • I love looking at your tonsils when you do those super wide-mouthed smiles at me. They are DELICIOUS!
  • Your new way of moving your head back & forth in the bed is causing your hair to wear off. Don't you want long, luscious locks of hair? Dontcha? Every morning I look at our bedsheet and find tons of Adalyn hair :)
  • Pacifiers are scrumptious. Wish you loved them!!
  • You look most precious, to me, when you stick out your bottom lip all pitiful-like :)
  • Morning snuggles in bed with you is my most favorite thing to do!
  • I can't nap without holding you; I love to do the "teddy bear hold" with you on the couch.
  • I call you my side-kick; you are my very best friend.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adalyn's current top 10

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know I like to make my "mommy must-haves" lists. Well, friends, I'm about to make another one:

Adalyn & Mommy's Must-Haves [at 3 months old!]

1. (Off Brand!!!) Gas Drops: These things are my best friend. I wouldn't dare go anywhere without these. I think that perhaps every other mom in my hometown feels the same way, because they are always sold out at stores. We stick to the off brand (no way am I paying $10 for Mylicon when I can buy the Target brand for $3!).. Adalyn hates her pacifier, but she'll suck it if I dab a little treat on it. Mwhahaha. Mommy's little trick...

2. Nuk Pacifiers: The only only only pacifier my girl will take. Trust me. We've bought every.single.brand. on the market, with the exception of Avent. Once I tried to get her to take a Soothie, and she gagged dramatically and threw up on me. (One of two times in her life that she's ever spit up). We love our Nuk pacifiers. Though they like to grow legs and walk off from us.. we're always losing a passy!

3. Miracle Blanket: Yadda yadda yadda. You all know how we love our Miracle Blanket. She hasn't spent a night away from her special blanket since the day she was born. And, I'm sorry to say, she's worn a hole in it. Sigh.

4. Baby Center: Mama's guilty pleasure. I've been a member of the October 2010 Birth Club since the day I found out I was pregnant. All my questions can be answered by someone on there. I'm so majorly addicted, and I browse the message boards every.single.night. while I nurse. What would I do without it to keep me entertained?!

5. Baby Einstein Play Mat: We got this awesome (free!) play mat at the Airman's Attic a while ago, and it turned out to be Adalyn's favorite "toy!" It's literally the only thing she'll sit "in" for a while so I can get things done. Like bathe, for instance. How fun is it to lay on your back and stare at dangling toys?! Too much fun, says Niblet!

6. YouTube: Yes, you read that correctly. White noise? Yeah, it works. I can often be caught playing fuzzy static videos for her to calm her down. I'm not ashamed. And the crashing wave videos? Those are just as fun!

7. Moby: My all-time favorite carrier. Ad now enjoys being carried facing out, with her little legs dangling. Girl likes to take in her surroundings and observe everything there is to see! All while keeping her nice and cozy next to mama. Best gift I've ever been given.

8. Motherhood Maternity Sleep Bra: My best friend when it comes to nighttime nursing. Super comfortable and SO easily accessible when you're a dead head at 3am and can't be bothered with snaps and hooks.

9. Cloth diapers:

Forewarned, this includes "poopie" talk:

Do you know what happens to breastfed poop in cloth diapers? The diapers actually "absorb" the poop. I wish I had a visual aid for you all, but I don't - sorry! But when she poops, the cloth soaks it right in, and she barely has any left on her skin. I love those things. Couldn't live without them!

10. CAMERAS! Oh yes! iPhones, camcorders, my Canon Rebel, and my sister's Nikon! While daddy's away, mama's taking photos!! I'm a huge "documenting" freak, so I can't take enough pictures of our sweet baby girl!

ta da!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



It's me again

I just re-read my previous post and realized I told you our schedule all wrong.


It's: eat, play, sleep. Repeat.

Carry on! :)

the longest post ever.

I'm actually blogging from a real computer right now.. because guess what? Well, I'll save that for the end. I don't want to jinx myself.

Sweet babe is 13 weeks old today. I promised to explain our "schedule" that we have going on, so here goes: Many weeks ago, I was reading posts from the Baby Center October 2010 Birth Club board (my guilty pleasure!) and came across some info on the "Baby Whisperer." Now, I am not one for baby training, but some ladies explained the gist of it - sleep, play, eat, repeat. And, wow, that just made sense to me.

We were already basically doing that type of schedule, but I decided to really put it into practice. So we did, and I couldn't be happier. At this point in our lives, Adalyn nurses for about 30 minutes (15 on each side), and then has about an hour and a half of "play" time. We bop around the house, read stories, sing songs, play on her mat, etc. And at the first sign of sleepiness - a yawn, grunts, or whines, I put her down for a nap.

And when she wakes up, she immediately nurses.

This way, I always (always!!) know what she wants when she cries. It's never a question of, "Is she tired?! Is she hungry? What's wrrrronnng with her!?" because I know! Thanks to the Baby Whisperer schedule.

La di dah.


I also mentioned earlier that we co-sleep. Last night I attempted to use the bassinet, and it was a major failure. She woke after an hour and 45 minutes and was dying of hunger. She basically nursed every two hours all.night.long. Lordy be. I'm hoping (praying? wishing?) that this is a 3-month growth spurt, because this child acts like she's starving to death! And my milk is plentiful, so I'm hoping this is just one of many challenging seasons of infancy!

Lots of people freak out at the term "co-sleep" -- OH NO! You'll roll over on your baby! She'll smother in the covers! She'll die!!!! While Mark is away, there is a gigantic empty spot in our bed, perfect for our little Adalyn. My pal, Dr. Sears (chuckle) has an article on it HERE. He says there are 7 benefits of co-sleeping:

Babies sleep better
Mothers sleep better
Breastfeeding is easier
It's contemporary parenting
Babies thrive better
Parents & infants become more connected
Reduces the risk of SIDS

Last night, when I put her in her bassinet and went to bed, I laid there. And my mind was racing. I could not sleep!! I laid there for an hour and 45 minutes, until she woke, and finally was able to sleep once I had my baby with me. Uh, it looks as if I am the one becoming attached to co-sleeping rather than Adalyn!


Ad & cousin Gray (13wks & 7.5 months!)

Aren't they darling?


I'm on the verge of mailing Mark's first "care package." Don't look at me bad for not sending a package out yet. My husband insists that he "doesn't need anything" and doesn't want me to send any yummy treats. But I've finally compiled a few things and can't wait to mail them off. We're 5 months away from the return of Daddy-O, and time is creeping by. Crawling. Barely moving. Time is almost at a stand-still.

But, oh, what fun we will have when he returns! We have so many fun summer plans - we can't wait! Trips to DC, time spent at the beach, taking Adalyn to swim at the pool (my excuse to buy cloth swim diapers, what a thrill!) and so much more!

While I'm thinking of it - CD mamas: Since moving here, Ad's diapers now smell like some serious ammonia when she pees. Kentucky has hard water, but I don't know if it's harder or softer than what we had in Virginia. Do you think we need less or more detergent? I can't seem to figure out the right "recipe" of detergent. It isn't a big deal, but I'd like to nip that problem right now.

Guys, let me just admit something now: I've forgotten how to blog. Have you noticed how jumbled and confusing this post is? Yeah, I am majorly rusty. I need to get back to my blogging roots. Ack. I'm thinking of returning to my simple days of making up fun poems and such. I do take photos.. I just never have the time to sit at the computer and upload photos and blog. Just bear with me, I promise I will get the hang of blogging again. I promise.

And do you know why I've gotten the opportunity to blog this much with BOTH hands at a desktop computer? ADALYN IS NAPPING IN HER SWING. OH YES, PRAISE JESUS! Literally, praise Jesus. This is something she never ever EVER does, so it's a major deal. I only wish Mark was able to see her. He would be so proud!

More (better? not so jumbled, easily read, yummy!) posts coming up! Promise. Don't give up on me, guys!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back in Virginia, Adalyn slept in a little white bassinet next to our bed. She loved it and would sleep 5-hour stretches. (5, then 3, then 2, then up for the day). Which was fine by me, because I knew she needed to nurse since breastmilk digests so fast. But then we moved to Kentucky, and it all went downhill.

She has a crib and a pack & play here, but no bassinet. Turns out that she hated the pack & play, so I stuck her in bed with me. Co-sleeping is a nursing mama's dream (literally!) since you can do the sideline position and sleep through feedings. But instead of Niblet sleeping longer and better, it seems like she's getting worse.

Is it the dreaded 3-Month growth spurt? Likely.
Is it the fact that she smells mama & wakes frequently? Likely.
Is it my (bad?) habit of letting her "snack" and fall asleep at the breast, not getting full meals? Likely.

She woke every 2 hours last night. Earlier this week, she woke every hour. Gas pains were the most likely culprit, but I nurse her to sleep since it's the fastest way.

So tonight we got Cousin Graydon's bassinet and are giving it a run. Gulp.

I'm still not opposed to co-sleeping at all. But if she can sleep more soundly in a bassinet, that's what we'll do. Co-sleeping is supported by & recommended by LOTS of pediatricians (including Dr. Sears!!! Who co-slept til his kids were 4!) but more on that later :)

Hopefully we both get a good night's sleep!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A very sappy post.

Have you ever looked down at your child and it just blows your mind?

Woah. I'm a mother. I cannot believe it.

I'm quietly nursing my wee babe to sleep for the night, such a precious time between us. Wrapped so snug, heavy breathing with eyes just as heavy. With each passing minute, she nurses softer and slower until she drifts off to sleep. I love this.

I can't imagine her at 6 months or 6 years or 16 years. But I'll be her mother forever. Someday we'll discuss how to braid hair. Then how to put on make-up. Then how to pick out the right dress. What will that be like?! Right now, all I can picture is deciding which hat matches the best and when she will take her next nap.

I'm a huge baby about kids growing up. Truthfully, I can't wait until she starts solids, learns to crawl, and can play with toys. But really? I cant imagine my little girl turning into a.. Well.. Little girl.

..sniff.. :(

And with that, my baby is fast asleep in my arms; she's the most beautiful thing in my life. I'm choosing to live in every moment of every season. And this season? Why, it's full to the brim with as many snuggles and kisses as I can squeeze into each day. Being a mother is the best.

Back to blogging!

So here I sit. On the couch, watching Diners,Drive-Ins, and Dives and nursing. And on my iPhone. I never sit at the computer these days, unless I'm skyping with Mark. But then I am Skyping.. And not blogging. So maybe this will make blogging easier. Maybe!!

Adalyn, also known as:
Little Foot
Little Toot
Reesie Cup
Or just plain "Ad"

Is now 12 weeks old. And boy is she active. This child hates naps but loves to look around. And sit up straight as a stick. Oh, no, don't even think of laying her back like an infant. She will set you straight so fast and quickly remind you that she would prefer to stand or sit up like an adult. At 11 (or 10?) weeks, she learned to roll from her stomach to her back. She loves eating her fingers and now moves objects (toys) to her mouth to suck on them.

And there's your physical development update on Adalyn!

Life without Mark is, admittedly, rough. I am often tired and catch myself wishing for him every single day. By 6pm, I am so ready for bed. Once upon a time, Mark was the greatest helper for me. He knew exactly how to help me without asking. And, afterall, isn't that what daddies do best?! I could sleep in on weekends while he selflessly took the reigns and it was fantastic. Well, folks, those days are over (for 5 more months), but we have adjusted nicely. At least I think so.

Did you catch that up there? Only 5 more months. We are already one month down!! Hallelujah.

So Adalyn and I have been up to a lot: extreme attachment parenting, co-sleeping, exclusive breastfeeding, and I'll soon be looking into delayed vaccinations. But I'll be blogging about all of it. Adalyn is still a very, very high-needs baby (Dr. Sears's "The Fussy Baby Book," written about his fourth child, is Adalyn made over!!!), but I am so, so in love with her, guys. Her napping dilemmas make me often question if I'm doing the right things for her, but in the end, I know I am.

More on that later.

Is there anything that any of you, my lovely friends, would like me to blog about? Lots of you have (kindly!) nudged me to continue blogging - is there a specific topic you'd like to read about? I'm thinking my next post will be about Adalyn's no-fail "schedule" that I love! Then later her napping difficulties. And maybe some babywearing thrown in there.

Love you all! Love parenting! And love blogging :) it's great to be back!

Friday, January 14, 2011

so short, it's almost not even worth it :)

I've been missing in action. You probably thought I fell off the earth. Or that we lost all internet connection. Or something worse. The truth is, I've been incredibly busy. Life has been full of lots of changes, most notably moving 12 hours west! And all for a good reason:

My husband is deployed.

I kind of kept it from you all, I know. But most (nearly all) of you knew this already. Here's the thing, guys: Having a 12-week old baby and being a single (present) parent is... time-consuming :) Little Foot, as we lovingly call her, has been getting all my attention these days! But I'm determined to get back to blogging. Not for you, or for my husband, but for myself! I love documenting life...

and just like that, she's up from her nap.

Well, clearly I didn't get far on this blog post. Geez, guys.