Friday, January 27, 2012

15 months and "stuff"

My knees feel so much better tonight after my workout. I didn't feel like dying at all! Normally I end my workouts feeling like knives are stabbing me in the knees, and I can barely walk or move. But tonight was so much different and I felt so much stronger!


Adalyn's asleep in her big girl bed right now. I wonder how long it will last. This is only the second time that I've attempted to have her sleep alone. Last time, I laid awake for an hour and a half missing her and wondering about her. I woke up to a "thud" and then a cry around midnight.. so we'll see if she sleeps well tonight!! I sure will miss sleeping next to her, though :)

Speaking of our big kid, we bought her this little baby carrier set at Target tonight. Ridiculously cute. Can't believe our kid is big enough to be wearing her little baby doll, whom we have lovingly named Andy...

She had her 15-month checkup today and got her Chicken Pox vaccine. I didn't want her to have it. I asked if we could deny it, and my doctor said that VA public schools now require two sets of the Chicken Pox vaccine... ? I'm 99.9% sure that we can "get out of" having her vaccinated with a "religious/ethical" paper and that would be that. But I wasn't sure and just had her get it.

Anyway, she was 30.25" tall, 20.9lbs, and she has a 90th% head circumference. Average height, skinny minnie, and a big head. That's my gal!

And boy did she cry from the second she saw the nurse until the second the doctor said bye bye. She hasn't cried that hard since... a LONG time. I couldn't even hear the doctor talk! The doctor reassured me that kids around 15-months learn that the doctor's office is a scary place, and it's typical. But ack. She really screamed at him. Poor kiddo! ....and poor doctor :)

Edit: She lasted 30 minutes before waking up.


  1. Way to get through the 30DS. You've made it further than I ever did! Little Ad is so, so cute. E fell out of his big boy BED a few times before we put his mattress on the floor. It was so sad because we'd hear him whimper and then look at the monitor and see him crawling back in bed. With his mattress on the floor there's no issue if he rolls off...but his isn't as high up as Ad's since she's on a full. Poor girl! I think I fell out of my bed until first or second grade, hahaha.

  2. I just love this post! She is too cute with the babywearing! She's going to be a great mommy when the time comes... Shannnon you and Mark are going to make more pretty little babies! She's so tiny! Elijah is a chunky butt!! Lol! But I'm so glad to see you update more and more! :)) Keep it up!