Sunday, January 22, 2012

30DS Update and more.

So I just completed Day 10 of the 30 Day Shred. I'm proud of myself, but...

my knees hurt
my back/shoulders hurt
my thighs hurt
& I'm tired

Ok. My whole body hurts. But that's good, right!? The best part is - Since beginning Level 2 (Oh how I despise Level 2!), my stomach feels tight all day long. It's a great, great feeling. It means this Shredding business is actually working.

But I've only lost 1.5 pounds. So, so discouraging! But I'm holding onto the hope of the bigger picture - muscle gained, a more toned body, and inches lost. I know the scale doesn't always show progress. But gosh darnit, I really wanted to lose 10 pounds in these 30 Days.

I took before & after photos.. of me in my underwear.. so you all will never see those pictures :) But I can already tell a difference between day 5 & 10 in my body! It's giving me the push and the encouragement that I need. And let me be honest here: 20 more days of this? CRIPES. I feel like it will be the death of me!! This has been the longest 10 days ever - even longer than in BMT-time. Sigh. But I'm determined to finish this. And finish strong. And I will!


Yesterday we drove to Virginia Beach to explore their ultra-fun mall and play in their Disney Store. That is THE most fun store, and Adalyn had a *blast*.. She just about leaped out of her stroller when we got into the store, so we let her out, and she ran around the store like she was on a mission!

::squeak, squeak, squeak:: went her shoes! (She wears WeeSqueaks) She got the attention of every single person in there, and it was hilarious. She found the monster pile of Disney stuffed animals and flipped out when she spotted Daisey and Goofy! This makes me super excited to take her to Disney World next year or in 2013! The girl l.o.v.e.s. Mickey. Who knew that a BABY could love Disney so much!? Well, she does!


Second birthday party planning is in the works. Possible themes:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Pirate girl party
Princess party
Hungry Caterpillar party

Who knows. She doesn't have too many interests at this point, but we do have 9 months :) I may be a little obsessed with looking at birthday ideas on Pinterest... I would LOVE to do a Tangled party, because I LOVE that movie! I even saw a huge fake hair piece at Disney. HA! How hilarious would Adalyn be in that?!?! My nephews would think that was *hilarious* :)

Hm. Yep, that's all for now!

edit: I just found these two party ideas...

Mr. Potato Head Party:

Ice Cream Party:


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  1. I vote ice cream party! YUM! I don't think I ever made it a week through 30DS the two times I attempted it, ha! Ad is soo cute. I want squeaker shoes for I when she starts walking!