Monday, February 27, 2012

a healthy post, for once!

I'm still doing Zumba! Mark bought me the $50 DVD set on Amazon for Valentine's Day (it's what I begged for!) and I love it. In case you've never done Zumba before, it's like all types of Caribbean/Mexican/Columbian/etc. type dances and they teach you the basic steps and then you move on to dancing like a pro.

It's pretty hilarious to watch me, I would imagine.

Adalyn stands by super close and smiles SO big - I just know she thinks her Mama is way too funny doing the "Calypso" moves -- I look like a Caribbian islander for sure!

My favorite part? All those hip moves that make my stomach muscles burn!

I'm also majorly into making smoothies pretty much every day. My new favorite is banana & blueberry. I gave Adalyn her first smoothie this morning and she slurped the whole thing down while watching Mickey Mouse. It was a total hit!


Not too much new is happening in our home. Slow days with little loads of laundry, stuffing little colorful diapers, preparing little lunches, reading little books, taking (BIG!) little naps, and playing with little blocks and babies.

I wish I could find some blogging inspiration. I know the best blogs are about the mundane things in life - but would it be that interesting for me to photograph my toddler eating a marker and chewing on crayons? Or pulling every book out of her bookcase? Maybe. I don't know!

I just don't know what to blog about!


  1. Shannon, I think I'm going to start my zumba. Get up super early before Elijah do Zumba, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and do my squats. lol!

    By the way little laundry is getting done here as well, it's been tough lately. I get behind and the laundry fairy doesn't get the memo and just leaves my house hanging lol!

  2. I don't know what to blog about most of the time! Just silly things, haha. Your blog is always interesting to me!! Zumba sounds so fun. I bet E would love to dance around with me. He's a hoot!

  3. I don't usually have much idea what to blog about lol. I just write whatever comes to mind and hope it's enjoyable :o). I have been anxious to try out Zumba lol. And lady, you have no follow button! LOL. I do enjoy reading your blog though :o). Off to catch up on a couple others...have a great night! <3