Friday, February 24, 2012

a week in review

On Monday, we went to get our car's oil changed and stopped at IHOP beforehand:

On Tuesday, we bought our first van and couldn't be more thrilled:

On Wednesday, we put up little IKEA shelves on Adalyn's wall:

On Thursday, we played peek-a-boo with Adalyn's pajamas. She loves it:

On Friday, we played outside in gorgeous 78-degree weather:

We've been wanting to get a van since... well, forever. Driving back home for 12 hours with a kiddo, dog, a stroller, and lots of luggage and toys... it gets pretty cramped. We already love cruising around with so much room now and have lovingly named our van the "Cox Cruiseline!"

I made these incredible buffalo chicken enchiladas the other night. Here you go. You'll thank me later!

I'm still making healthy smoothies and doing Zumba. More on that later, though!

Adalyn is all nuzzled in her big girl bed. It's 9pm and completely strange to be sitting up in bed watching TV & blogging. Normally she would be right next to me, but I'd have to be as quiet as a mouse to keep her from waking up. I completely miss her next to me and often wake up to check the video monitor, but I do enjoy the extra sleep and time to ourselves each night :) She's definitely growing up on us! I'm just so thrilled that she transitioned SO perfectly and will definitely blog tomorrow about how we did it.

"Nigh Nigh" Adalyn says :)

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  1. Teehee! Obviously I read your most recent post first. ;) Those Ikea shelves are so fun!! Ad staring up at them is adorable! And that first picture of her and M is soooo cute! PS I'm probably going to steal this post idea. ;)