Friday, February 3, 2012

my friend did this...

..& I'm totally copying her.


Feb 2011:

Feb 2012:

...she's still exactly the same to me.

So what's new with my Little Toot? Well, I'm glad you asked! She's having a bit of a language explosion - saying new words all the time and repeating a word when I ask her. Her new favorite word is "No," but she says it sweetly and says it almost as a question, so it's still pretty cute!

Adalyn, do you want to go take a bath?
.. Noo? ::insert cute face::

Her latest favorite activities include: playing in her kitchen - especially with her coffee pot, silverware, and colander (a kitchen? BEST TOY EVER!), toting around her new Special Agent Oso, and feeding her babies a bottle.

She's discovered that she has a will - and a say - and sometimes likes to exert that will when she doesn't get her way. It's still a teensy bit cute, but we're working on the words "obey" and "self-control" :) I really, really love this age still!

The other day I caught her Mousekersizing - she was practicing her golf swing by acting like she had an elephant trunk with Mickey. I caught the last 10 seconds on video - it was so cute! She also ALWAYS works out with me -- seriously, she's gotten in the floor, done leg lifts, swings her arms to "stretch" and does squats. I kid you not. I *have* to get Mark to get it on video!!! So funny!!!

Tonight marks day 22 of the 30 Day Shred. I'm not seeing the full results that I thought, but I did have Chipotle two nights in a row, and I did have Cracker Barrel last week. But I'm not ending my work outs with this.. I'm going to continue this and get my body on track!

& that's it for now! Going to research some toddler crafts while Adalyn naps!

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  1. She's sooo stinkin' cute, Shannon! She does look exactly the same, just a bit bigger. Hehe! E just learned the word "no" maybe 3 weeks ago? He only says it after we say it to him, thankfully! But I'm sure he'll catch on soon. ;) I got E some stickers tonight from Target, an idea I got from you! I hope he likes them.