Monday, April 2, 2012

10 weeks!

How far along? 10 weeks.. woohoo!

Total weight gain: -5

Maternity clothes? No, still fitting comfortably in my regular clothes!

Sleep: Eh. Last night was horrible because I had a headache all night, but normally it isn't too bad! I do wake up more than usual, and I can only get comfortable by sleeping on my belly!

Best moment this week: We decided on our boys' names!! Finally.

Movement: Nope - can't wait!

Gender: Right now I'm feeling both girls. I go back and forth between B/G and G/G!

What I miss: I miss Ibuprofen!

Weekly Wisdom: Nothing much here :).. yet!

Looking forward to: Finding out the genders!!!!! And getting our baby items!

I thought it would be "fun" to make a little list of what's currently making me nauseous these days:

-Mr. Noodle
-"Draw Something" the iPhone app
-thinking about Mexican food
-being hungry
-any kind of meat. Sometimes I can deal with chicken but I *hate* the thought of beef

I wish I were kidding about some of those. But literally, I get nauseous over Elmo and the iPhone game. It's completely bizarre - I had to delete the app!

We've finally decided on our two boy names, which I love! I'm kind of getting closer to deciding on girl names, but I'm really still up in the air. Nothing ever feels "right" the way Adalyn felt to me. I always just knew that Adalyn would be Adalyn! Even before we conceived her! This time, it's so different!

I can't remember what I've blogged and what I haven't, but we've decided to use prefolds & covers for the first bit of our babies' lives until they can fit comfortably in FuzziBunz. We're going to need more FB's too, and probably get new inserts for them! I'm extremely excited, though, and can't wait to see my little nuggets in their cloth!

I just found both babies on the doppler - one was 176 and one was 181. I am really hoping I'll miraculously get an ultrasound sometime around 12 weeks; I cannot wait to see them again and get some of my questions answered -- I'm dying to know if I have 1 placenta or two! And at 12 weeks they'll be able to kick around and look absolutely adorable on the screen.

Adalyn @ 12 weeks!

Holy moly! I can't believe how BIG she was at just 12 weeks! It makes me so anxious to see these babies! And if anyone has any girl name suggestions (unique ones!), send them my way! Pleeeease!


  1. How exciting! All of it :) Well, not the being nauseous. Meat made me want to throw up for the first.... well I can't say I'm overly excited about it now either. Can't wait to find out more about your little bundles.

  2. Austyn for a girl and Astin for a boy

  3. I think the name Nora is pretty!

  4. I think the name Nora is pretty!

  5. Meat still makes me naueaus this day! :/ I have my days! I'm so excited for you! I hope you get an ultrasound soon too! Seeing two babies in your belly will be really cool! Feeling them move around might even feel different! I'm so excited and happy for you!

  6. just my name,,,,Minta

  7. I love the name Everly.

  8. I didn't mean to post anonymous yesterday. I love the name Everly and I love the name Annelise

  9. Meat also makes me sick and that app was fun but got old real fast lol As for names we have the girls it's the boys we can't agree on ;( I agree we loved the day we found Adalynn on our name search it seems so hard to find another name for our second, I can't imagine having to find 2 names!!!!! We love Annalease and sophia our boy names are Bryan and Cameron (so far) boy names just seem so plan ;( so where are still searching for them. I can't wait to hear your names ;) of coarse I am bias cause our first share the same names!