Tuesday, April 24, 2012

13 weeks with my twinnies

 Well! Here I am, 13w2d pregnant with twins! Yesterday I had an appointment, so I thought I'd update everyone on the growth of our little nuggets!

How far along? 13

Total weight gain: 0 - currently at pre-pregnancy weight

Maternity clothes? I do love maternity pants/shorts, but my regular clothes still fit!

Sleep: A little better but still waking up at night

Best moment this week: Seeing our nuggets!!

Movement: Yes! I feel them ever so often, just randomly. I sometimes feel a little squiggle in my uterus! Only a few times a day, though!

Gender: I'm going to guess a boy and a girl today, but I definitely don't have a huge intuition or anything.

What I miss: Not being sick and not having these HORRIBLE headaches all the time!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't listen to the receptionist, because they really don't know anything!!

Looking forward to: My gender ultrasound on May 19!! Come on!!!!


So I had my 12-week appointment a week late, because I was in Kentucky (oops, I totally forgot to blog about that!) and I was SO wanting an ultrasound. Thankfully, the nurse decided to put me in the ultrasound room since I had twins, and my new doctor came in and didn't even whip out his doppler - he went straight for the ultrasound machine! (He later said it would be incredibly difficult to get both babies on the doppler because they're so small and close to each other.) Seriously, the grin on my face was HUGE! I was so, so excited to see them!

The membrane separating the babies was REALLY thin. I'm talking like.. a piece of paper thin. At 8 weeks, they had a big separation, but not anymore. They are so close that the doctor couldn't tell if I had 1 or 2 placentas - keep in mind that this machine was *ancient*.. it looked like one of the first u/s machines ever created :) We saw them squirming away and he zoomed in and gave me photos of each kiddo!

                                                                           Baby B:

Look at the baby's butt, Baby A is under its butt. 
They are SUPER close to each other.

Baby A:
 little arm!

There really wasn't much to "do" at my appointment, so the ultrasound sadly went too fast for me. He did tell me that the practice does not force me to be induced at any week - so we can go as long as we're all healthy. And they're completely fine with vaginal twin births and breech babies. So that's a blessing! Of course, everything can change and I may actually NEED a c-section - but we're taking it one day at a time and praying for healthy, big babies and hoping our darndest for a vaginal birth!! (And I mean really hoping!)

I'm definitely "accepting" the twins more. I don't know how good or bad that sounds, but everyone with twins always says that there is no RIGHT way to cope with having twins! It's definitely a shock and it definitely takes time to adjust. But now, at 13 weeks, I feel so much more at ease about having two babies at the same time and more confident in my mothering. At 8 weeks, when we found out, it was like "Oh my mercy, how am I going to do this..." And that feeling still creeps in daily. Sometimes by the hour! But Big Sis has turned out pretty fantastic, so that makes me feel a little bit better about everything - ha!

I'm still really confused on a lot of "logistical" aspect of twins - like where/how they'll sleep at night, for instance. My current PLAN is that they'll both sleep in the Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleepers as newborns. I didn't co-sleep with Ad until 8 weeks, and she slept fine on her own - so I'm really unsure if we'll co-sleep with the twins? Not against or or for it at this point, but we'll just play it by ear when they come! The only thing (for now!) that freaks me out is nap time for 3 kids and bedtime for 3 kids.. how do you get 3 kids under 2 to sleep at the same time!? Oh mercy :)

We're settled on ONE girl name - no middle name for her. And we're kind of settled on a boy name (first & middle!) but I'm not SET on the boy name just yet. Something feels off about it. My girl name matches Adalyn's name, so if it's 2 girls, I would hate for the 3rd girl to have a name that.. didn't match.. so I don't know. I'm through with the name search for a few weeks - it's exhausting! :)

My next appointment is in 4 weeks, and my next ultrasound is in THREE! Yahoo!


  1. SO cute!! Congrats! Don't worry, once they're here you'll get a good routine going. I have 4 under 5. When my nieces first came to live with me, they were 3, 2, 18 months, and 2 months and I've had them all napping and going to bed at the same time since the beginning. It can be done, you just have to have a routine and be consistent. You'll be a pro in no time!

  2. YAY!!!! I love your pregnancy updates!! I can't believe you're already 13 weeks. I love those little nuggets! Also, that first picture is hilarious! Are you going to have separate rockers for them to sleep in if you don't co-sleep? I've always thought twins *might* (??) sleep better sleeping together since that's how they are for 40 weeks in the womb, but I've seen lots of twins/multiples on TLC shows sleep in separate cribs and they seem to do just fine!

  3. How is your blood pressure? I hope your head feels better soon!

  4. my BP is perfectly fine! :) I'm sure the headaches are just from hormone overload from twins.