Wednesday, April 25, 2012

18 months WHAT!

 My Little Toot is 18 months!

A year and a half old!

6 months until she's TWO! AHH!

I've been feeling pretty crummy lately, so I haven't been taking photos as usual. But! I did get a few while we were in Kentucky.


Adalyn is such a little spitfire. She's changed so much since 12 months. Now she's extremely social, very very very talkative, and can tell you exactly what she wants! Now, she still hates  the church nursery. But I have my suspicions as to why. And when I say "hate" - I mean we were actually paged to pick her up on Sunday. But any other time, she is literally running up to strangers, touching them, saying hi and wanting to be their buddy. I thought for sure that she would be quiet and reserved around Grandma and Poppy when they came to visit. Um, nope!! She was RIGHT up all over them, giving them kisses on the lips and was immediately attached as can be!

snuggling cousin Hudsie!

Some of the new things she does:
-Saying the animal name when she sees it (dog, elephant, cow, etc.)
-Can say "woof woof" when asked what a dog says and "moo moo" for cow, and "ribbit" for frog
-Actually talks to me now and tells me what she wants (small words, I mean)
-Can work an iPad like nobody's business. which isn't always a good thing :)
-Tells us "I poop" when she's pooped and points to her butt. Knows we put poop in the potty and says ew.
-Knows the oven is "hot" and we don't touch it :) Luckily, she trusts us on this and hasn't touched it to find out just how hot it is!
-Stands by me as I throw up and says yuck yuck yuck yuck!! 

 The top 3 words said each day are: Oso, Mama, and nurse. In that order.

Yes, she still nurses. And yes, it definitely hurts now that I'm in my 2nd trimester!

She now tries to sing along to songs that we know. We sing the ABC song multiple times a day (always during brushing our teeth!), and she chimes in at "G" "K" "P" "S" "Z" and at the end she says "WITH MEEE" .. of course it's just memorization since we sing it so often. She also chimes in during the theme song of Little Einsteins and Oso.. my entire family can testify. She just says a few words here and there - it's way cute! I must get it on video somehow!

Sigh. She's growing up so big. Lately, she seems more like my best buddy than my little baby. She shares (steals) my food and drinks, gets blankets and pillows for me, and runs up to us and hugs/kisses us all the time! I'm pretty certain that we'll be having her 2nd birthday in July, since the twins are due RIGHT at her birthday. And I definitely can't throw a party with newborns or while I'm in the hospital. So we'll have to do it early. That's okay, though! Who knows what our theme will be.. but I'm crossing my fingers that her Elmo obsession will be long gone by then :) :)

I love her to death. I really do.


  1. She sounds so much like Ella! Ella loves to sign along with the Little Einstein's theme song too.

    She is such a cutie! Can't wait to watch her grow in the next 6 months!

  2. LOL I love the Little Einstein's theme song... As in seriously used to be my ringtone... LOL And you are a better parent than I because Elmo drives me nuts! I don't let Jace watch it for fear he'll get attached and I can't handle it. LOL :)

  3. I can't wait to meet her!!!! She is the sweetest little pumpkin!