Friday, September 10, 2010

the low down on 35 weeks

I've been MIA for two days in a row! We've been really busy - especially yesterday! Not too much is going on other than me moving into my 35th week of pregnancy! I had another appointment yesterday, and I'm thrilled to report that things are scooting along just fine with our babe! She seems to be completely "average" as far as size goes. And apparently I have a very short waist, which is why my stomach sticks out so much. Who knew!?

We're still going to birthing class! Discussing the stages of labor, the marked emotions that go along with *natural* childbirth (excited, acceptance, seriousness, out of control, etc.) as the stages progress. Going over different positions to get in during labor - like hands & knees if you have a posterior baby. Yesterday, we watched two videos in class, and Mark was a little shocked to see the delivery of multiple placentas. Too funny. He is too cute.

I'm feeling lots of pressure and can physically feel that she's dropped some. Braxton Hicks continue throughout the day, some of them more painful than others. Still nesting like an insane person -- my house will NEVER be clean enough!! And it's not just cleaning. It's a need to organize everything. My belly rolls in waves and it's a joy to watch her wiggle around. She's completely head down and in perfect position for labor. My next appointment is September 20th, and then I'll find out if I've progressed any!

I'm very, very excited :)


  1. I feel like you've had the quickest pregnancy ever! But maybe that's also because I've been patiently waiting all year for the wedding. I'm pretty sure you announced you were pregnant a month or so after J and I got engaged. So I've been wanting these months to go by quickly!

    Total dummy about pregnancy, I don't know anything. You're at 35 weeks, but when is it 'safe' for the baby to be born? Around 38 weeks or so I am guessing? Or do most women go full term?

  2. haha, you're so cute!!! 37 or 38 weeks is considered full term.. it depends on which book you read or which doctor you ask! :) If she were to be born today, she has about a 50/50 chance of needing some assistance with breathing, but she would likely go home and be just fine! Sooo exciting! But most women do go to full term, I think! Although I'm hoping for 38 weeks.. just so Mark can have more time with her :)