Thursday, September 2, 2010

stream of consciousness :)

Hurricane Earl is headed our way, and we're "gearing up" for our first tropical storm! Mark was chosen to work night shift, so he had the day off & will be working tonight when the hurricane rolls in. It shouldn't be too bad - hopefully Piper and I survive the night!

Today was the Civil Engineering squadron picnic on base. I ended up eating a piece of watermelon and some pudding. Mark chowed down on hamburgers and hot dogs. And pudding!

I haven't felt very well for the past two days. Not sure why.

I've decided to have a daily "Eating With the Cox's" carnival on my blog. That's right - you'll join us at our dining room table every night. Except you won't really be eating with us. But I'll take pictures, give the recipe, and my thoughts on the meal. It's my attempt to force myself to cook and not eat out. Because we've eaten out practically every night this week. It's a bad habit that we're trying to break. Besides, cooking at home is healthier for all three of us. And budget-friendly, too!

I'm pretty excited about it, because I'm making 4 new meals, one new dessert recipe (two if you count last night's cookies), and one new potluck snack recipe. It should be great!

Tomorrow will be Paula Deen's meatloaf! I've never made meatloaf without sausage, so this will be a first! Hopefully it turns out great!

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