Monday, August 30, 2010

33 weeks, and yes I know I'm big!


How far along? 33 weeks!

Total weight gain: Let's not go there.

Maternity clothes? Hopefully my shirts will continue to stretch..

Sleep: It's been great since I went to the chiropractor the other day. I've been dreaming more and more about our baby. Last night, I was going to be induced with Cervidil and a breast pump, and if those didn't work, they were going to break my water - at 33 weeks! They insisted that she was healthy and a good weight.. ha!

Best moment this week: Being with Mark, because that's always the best ever.

Movement: Still rolling and poking limbs out! We love to watch my belly move.

Gender: Girl :)

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks a lot. Most of them are not bad, but a few are downright painful. In case you've never been pregnant, or never felt them (like my sister), it feels like menstrual cramps, the top of my belly hurts very bad, and my entire stomach gets tight.

Belly Button in or out? She's out. Barely. But she's out.

What I miss: Not peeing all the time.

Weekly Wisdom: I don't have any this week!


I've been nesting like a crazy woman lately. It isn't so much that I'm "cleaning" (though I am!!), but I have this need to reorganize our entire house. As of yesterday, each of our closets are completely organized, tidy, and clean! Now I just need to wash her clothes and diapers, and we'll officially be ready for her!

Half of me is loving this pregnancy so much and enjoying every.single.minute of it and not wanting to rush this time at all. But lately, another half of me is DYING for her to come. Especially when I see photos of friends' newborns! Mostly, I can't wait to see Mark with our newborn! I just know it will be the cutest thing ever. Especially Mark conquering cloth diapers. I'm sure he'll be a pro.

We try to take nightly walks for my body and for the baby, and I'm trying to remember to do my "exercises" for labor. Since starting my class, I keep meeting older women who have given birth naturally, and they're completely encouraging. So I'm not scared at all. Part of Birth Works is conquering your fears - and I can officially say that I have no fears! I'm just trying to remember to trust God - who ultimately designed birth perfectly in His wisdom - and remember that He did design my body for this. So I shouldn't fear it. There's no reason to! :)

We officially only have a month and a half. Oh mercy!


  1. I love this blog. Is it really cleaning if you throw everything out? :)

  2. I love watching Lucas with Josiah. It prolly one of my favorite times of the day, in addition to watching Josiah smile/laugh and "talk!"
    Not that I'm discouraging you, I really hope you are able to give birth naturally, but it really is the worst pain I've ever felt, aside from getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out yesterday. But it's amazing, I'm so glad I got to do it! Lucas and I prayed so hard over it! I know I wouldn't have been able to do it with out or Lucas!

  3. I like this! You aren't big, you're cute! You and I are so much a like. Elijah likes to roll around and stick his butt out. My belly button is also hanging on by a thread. lol! I don't like the amount of weight I gained, and I'm hoping my shirts continue to strech. :) We don't have much more to go. :) I'm super excited!