Thursday, August 12, 2010

stream of consciousness!

Last night I dreamed about labor all.night.long. It wasn't really painful at all, and I kept thinking, "This is it!? How easy!"


I know exactly why I dreamed about labor. It's because yesterday, my baby kept jabbing something really low (had to have been a hand), and it hurt really bad. I kept telling Mark that I was ready to birth her now if she was going to keep that up. Apparently my subconsciousness isn't ready for that, come to find out! :)

Yesterday, we printed 80 photos of my pregnancy (ultrasound, belly, nursery, and maternity), so now I'm in scrapbooking mode, and I have about 5 or 6 more pages to go before I'm finally caught up! Piper hates my mess of scrapbooking supplies and "chomps" at them from afar.

Tonight we begin our birthing classes. I'm more excited about it than Mark. I mean, he's excited too, but he isn't excited about the time of it -- we don't get out until 9:30. He's taking on the role of my "personal doula" pretty seriously, which I think is the cutest thing in all the world.

I ordered a custom-made ABUs diaper bag. I cannot wait to show it to you. Heck, I can't wait to see it for myself!

I'll be 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Time isn't really flying, which I'm thrilled about. Mark has the day off tomorrow (he took leave), so we're trying to decide what kinds of shenanigans we can get ourselves into in the Norfolk/VA Beach area. So far we've got nothing.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Aw...precious! We boarded our honeymoon cruise from Norfolk, VA....stayed in a hotel that was attached to a mall..pretty neat!

  2. Wow! Neat! The only mall I know of in Norfolk is the MacArthur Center! Is there another one?! Or is that it?

  3. I bet the daiper bag will be awesome! :) I can't wait to see it! I can't wait to read about your birthing classes either. Ours didn't start til 7 and didn't let out til 9. But they were about 30 minutes away, so it was a nice drive. We have a breast feeding class at the end of the month, that I'm excited about. Hope you have fun shopping and I hope you find something! :D