Sunday, August 1, 2010

right now, I have....

-a homemade pizza in the oven. but not really homemade, because we used a pre-made crust from Walmart

-heartburn coming up my throat. maybe from the pulled pork sandwich I had this afternoon.. loaded with Cajun "hot" sauce.

-a pile of thank-you notes needing to be addressed and shipped out!

-a Bare Minerals starter kit and the lip kit, which we bought today. I'm pretty excited about it.

-a really cute West Highland Terrier staring at me. sometimes she stands and stares at me. hard.

-like a lot of dishes to do. we always get super behind on housework on the weekends, because we just want to be together. and, subsequently, we forget about taking care of our home. oops! I'll be a busy wife on Monday.

-a baby trying to push her way out of the right-side of my belly. this morning, I hugged Mark, and she kicked him hard in the stomach. her little legs stretch so hard on my right side..

-a TON of excitement for Tuesday, because we are having our last 3D/4D ultrasound of our baby girl before her birth. we cannot wait to see her little face!

-the best ABF & small group ever. that's Adult Bible Fellowship, in case you're confused.



  1. Hey, I have an easy pizza crust recipe if you want it. It doesn't use any yeast so its not quite the same as like Pizza Hut crust but its definitely better than store made crust. Let me know if you want it :)

  2. Can't wait to see pics of your little girl:)