Saturday, August 7, 2010

our bad day and our great day!

The wonderfulness of today overshadows the rotten "bad luck" that Mark and I faced yesterday. Yesterday was full off odd "mishappenings" (is that a word?) that left us feeling frustrated and annoyed. After 9 hours without electricity, a bad visit to Chipotle, and a zillion other things that went wrong, we were able to go see Leeland in concert!

Leeland is our favorite Christian band and is kinda sorta along the line of worship music(?) Hard to describe, but we could put a child to sleep with their music. In a good way, I mean. But the lyrics are very "deep" and "rich," and we love it. My favorite song is Via Dolorosa, which describes the path Christ walked to His crucifixion. I will say that Sharkie enjoyed the concert immensely and moved the entire night. She's already a fan of great music!!
We even got to hear Leeland preach for 30 minutes! What a neat treat. He sort of reminds me of Ron Weasley. I wonder if he's ever been told that before.


Anyway, today was wonderfully fun! My friend Alissa volunteered to take maternity shots of us! So she, our other friend Amanda, and Mark & I went all around town (and outside of town!) to take photos today! I really had no idea that my belly was this big until I saw it in some of the pictures! She's given me 3 sneak peeks, and I'm so excited to see the rest!! Here's one:

We also stopped at a local restaurant for burgers and Ben & Jerry's! What a fun, fun day! Mark came home and immediately fell asleep. I'm too excited about our photos to rest! When I see more, I'll post them!

Special thanks to Alissa for being SO wonderful and taking these photos for us!!!!!!!! You're amazing and incredibly sweet!!! :)

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