Thursday, August 19, 2010

today, I...

...have not been feeling well at all. I almost think I have some sort of bug, but I can't be sure.

...texted Mark to come home for lunch because I missed him oh so much. And the snuggles while watching The Price Is Right were definitely worth it.

...sat in our nursery and read every single book (out loud) that our baby owns. We're starting her phonemic awareness early 'round here.

...forgot to thaw out our ground beef, even though I said about 4 times (out loud) how we're "having hamburgers for supper!"

...took all the inserts out of our FuzziBunz in preparation to wash them for the very first time. I'm pretty nervous that I'll mess them up, but I'm thrilled to beans to get them ready for our daughter. looking so forward to our birthing class tonight; I can hardly stand it!

...feel ready to give birth. Now. Even though we've only been to one birthing class, which was mainly an introduction to Birth Works. But I feel mentally ready. Kind of.

...opted out of visiting the White House, even though we got special tickets, because the tour was later than we thought. And it's extremely rainy today. Rain & DC don't mix. wishing I had some Chipotle. As usual :)

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  1. haha! i like this post. i want to do one too!