Friday, August 13, 2010

my top 10 list

And now I present to you my top ten list of the "negative aspects" of pregnancy. Note that I especially love being pregnant and am praying that these remaining 9 weeks crawl by because I love it that much. But let's get real: pregnancy hurts sometimes.

10. Having to get up to pee at night: Especially when I lay on my back, my bladder is squashed like a pancake. And I have to go. I'm a pro at stumbling to the bathroom and easily falling back asleep. But still.

9. Puking in my mouth a little bit: I totally puked a smidge in my mouth on the way to my midwife appointment today. While I was driving on the interstate. It's totally gross. And I'm sure I just grossed you out. Whoops!

8. Third trimester nausea: I was crusin through the second trimester and feelin fine. And then I got to the third, and my baby decided that she didn't like certain foods. Among these are: broccoli in frozen dinners, tomato soup, and certain brands of BBQ. She also gets vicious when she's hungry.

7. Stretch marks that I know will never go away. I guess I'll embrace them as "marks of love" or whatever, but I could definitely do without.

6. Feeling sickly at random moments and wanting to sit down in a store. Not fun.

5. Hip pain: I'm pretty sure that my hips are expanding like crazy. I guess? It causes me to flop every night from my left to my right side.

4. Throwing up: This one isn't so bad. Mainly because I'm used to it. On the way to get breakfast (in my kitchen) this week, I got half-way there and realized I had to throw up. So I did, and then I felt fine again and got a poptart.

3. Not being able to reach anything or get up from a seated position: It's really awkward trying to adjust to a big belly that keeps you from reaching things in the floor of a car. Or trying to sit up from a laying position. Or how to roll out of a bed.

2. Back pain: You know where your figure makes an "hour glass"? Well, that area really hurts for me. I have no idea if this is where typical pregnant women have pain, since I only know my body.. but it really hurts. Especially if I ride in the Jeep for extended periods of time.

1. RIB PAIN: The absolute worst. My ribs h.u.r.t. like none other. I really do feel like a couple of them are definitely bruised, if not cracked or something. My midwife just told me today that she is completely shifted on my right side, which is why I always feel her kick on the right side and why I have right side pain. I can barely even lay on my sides because of it. OUCH.

Ahh, now that was fun. And really, the good definitely outweighs the bad. Like I said, I love being pregnant and everything that comes with it. But boy, I could really go for a great massage right now. And maybe a pedicure. And, heck, while I'm at it, why not a facial too!? :)

Maybe tomorrow I'll compose my "Top 10 favorite things about being pregnant."

Maybe :)

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  1. I had that same type of back pain. For me, it was where my ribs were expanding. In the middle of your back is the back of your ribs. So, if your ribs are being pushed out it stands to reason that the back of them would hurt too.

    I think that was the worst part of pregnancy for me. Well, that and leg cramps.