Thursday, August 5, 2010

anything for literacy.

Mark and I are big "fans" of educational "materials" for our baby girl! Puzzles, books, and sensory toys are at the top of our list for things we wish Sharkie to have. Sometimes we go to book stores, sit on the floor, and sift through every board book they have. Some of them are - excuse me- dumb, and I could have totally written them. But some are so precious, so sweet, so creative, and I love them!

My newest favorite book is this collection of Richard Scary's Classic Stories. We all remember Richard Scary, right?

Sidenote: What was that thing? A worm? A worm with a shoe and a hat? HA! I love it!

I also found these adorable cloth books with lots of flaps, tags, textures, and bright colors. They're perfect for babies. But Mark picked out a book on his own that he fell in love with: a nursery rhyme book! It's a big board book with large font and cute animations. I know kids love nursery rhymes, but some of them are weird. For example:

Goosey Goosey Gander

Goosey Goosey Gander, whither shall I wander?
Upstairs and downstairs and in my lady's chamber.
There I met an old man who would not say his prayers,
I took him by the left leg and threw him down the stairs.

..okay then..

Is this a famous nursery rhyme?! I'd never even heard it! But I did some refreshing on nursery rhymes and literacy, and...

"There is overwhelming evidence that early learning of nursery rhymes and rhythmic poems, songs, and chants significantly enhances early reading skills and phonemic awareness. In fact research highlights phonemic awareness as a strong predictor of a child's reading success."

Anything to enhance Sharkie's phonemic awareness, though.. right? :)

(PS. 5 points to me for even remembering the term phonemic awareness from my college years! My teachers would be so proud! Hehe!)


  1. I have heard thatnursery rhyme, but only because we have a Barney movie about nursery rhymes and it's in there. Before that though, I hadn't heard it! I love educational toys which is why my 2 yr old knows all of his colors and most shapes:) Now Jakk is learning his colors! Ps...I love Richard Scary the boys have a Richard Scary toy...I'm sure Adalyn will love him too!

  2. *sigh* I remember watching The Busy World of Richard Scarry on TV with Katherine when she was a toddler. But I secretly enjoyed it too!
    We had books about Busytown.

    I miss being that age. Like, a lot.