Saturday, August 28, 2010

dinner ideas for September

September is quickly approaching, so I thought I ought to go ahead and make our menu for the first half of the month. It's always a struggle for me to come up with dinner ideas -- I can only take so much of spaghetti, hamburgers, tacos, and the "regular" meals I always cook.

So I scour the internet high and low for dinner ideas. It's not easy. And it takes forever. But here's what I've come up with:

chicken casserole
potato soup
hamburgers - 1
meatballs - 1
chicken fingers - 2
chili - 1/2
french toast & bacon
spaghetti - 1/2
tater tot casserole - 1
stuffed bell peppers (??)
sloppy joes - 1
meatloaf - 1
pancakes and bacon (??)

I'm still lacking about 2 dinner ideas since I need a total of 15 days worth of food. I have all the ingredients for vegetable soup, but I've never made vegetable soup. So I'm scared.

Any ideas? :)


  1. Enchilada casserole (makes a 13x9 pan), sloppy joes, fettuccine alfredo. If you need any of these recipes, I'm willing to share. =)

  2. Try the stuffed bell peppers!!! They are actually pretty simple and they are soooo good. Our town just had it's annual "Pepperfest" last weekend and stuffed peppers are one of the main draws! This town goes nuts over them!

    Have you thought of making extra of stuff and freezing it? I see you had potato soup on there. Do you make extra and save some for a day when you don't want to cook/don't have time to cook? We started doing that right before we moved in with family and it was so awesome!

    I also say, go for the veg soup! Make some extra even and save some for later! Soups are so great. You can even use one as a side in the future if you freeze some.

    This has gotten long and I rarely comment, so this must be strange for you! Hi! I have commented once or twice before and I enjoy stopping by your blog! I love reading your posts about baby gear. I am glad someone likes ot research because I don't!

  3. alfredo pizza is one of our favorite's!
    Buy a pizza crust. Add about 5 TBS alfredo sauce from a jar and top with shredded cheese and shredded chicken if you like. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until cheese is bubly and a little brown on top.

    To use the rest of the sauce we do alfredo pasta with garlic bread the next night. If you like crab meat do imitation crab (its cheaper) and mix it in with the sauce or sprinkle on top! Voila! Two meals that are still pretty cheap to make!

  4. Dude... can you email me recipes??? Everything you have on here sounds DELICIOUS!!! And some of the recipes I've gotten from family are just not that good... I need easy, cheap things to make for dinner besides hamburger helper lol. ;)

    Kristin Fryer

  5. Gross, do you and your husband eat anything else besides meat & fat?

  6. Considering that I have to eat about a zillion grams of protein per day for our baby's brain development, YEP, we sure do eat a lot of meat!! And as far as "fat" .. Only a few of those recipes are marked as unhealthy. Most of them contain only meat and vegetables. But it's a good thing that this is OUR menu, and not yours :) Keep your rude comments to yourself or get the courage to post your name with your remarks.