Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 months!!!

I'm nursing my 5-month old daughter to bed right now. It's hard to believe that she is almost halfway to 1, but time seems to be moving much slower with Mark gone.

Parenting Adalyn is relatively easy. Aside from her disliking naps, we have an extremely predictable schedule and it goes smoothly! Our days are spent singing songs about everything. I love love love to rhyme and find myself making up songs over diaper changes or getting dressed. She thinks it's hilarious, and her smiles keep me going!

I often feel lonely, sad, and just emotional over things. I definitely never imagined raising her alone, and I think about Mark all day long. I wish he could be here to go to church with us. To give Adalyn baths with me. To watch her grow and reach milestones. It feels like my heart has a ginormous hole and time is standing still until June. I definitely feel incomplete without my best friend here, and I feel a constant state of hurt. But our little girl, the spitting image of her daddy, is growing and changing and greets me each morning with the biggest grins on earth. He is so, so proud of her and thinks she's the "greatest baby on earth!" I find joy in photographing and video taping Adalyn for Mark. We talk about Daddy often:

Daddy's coming home,
Yes, he's coming home in June!
Daddy's coming back
He's coming home so soon!

..part of a song I sing her! :)

Adalyn is our greatest accomplishment and the best addition to our lives. So, without further ado, an update on our precious miracle:

Adalyn, you now have a spunky personality that is anything but easy-going. Your favorite spot is in my arms, and you let it be known! You can't last more than 2 hours of awake time without needing a nap, and you go to bed at 8pm on the dot every single night.

You can now sit up, which you started doing toward the end of 4 months! You're great at it and think you're big stuff!

I give you food when I feel like it. You're a great eater and am contemplating baby-led weaning. You try to snatch my flood away from me at every single meal and have almost pulled my plate off the table more times than I could count.

We read "Won't You Be My Kissaroo?" each night before bed. You smile through the whole book, and we act out the kisses. I love it and it is my favorite part of the day!

You have turned into a big girl before my very eyes and can now: sit up in a cart, drink water from a sippy cup, stand and play with a music table, and more!

You like to scratch things. It's bizarre. But you dig your nails onto the onto the couch, car seat, whatever you can find! Today you scratched Clayton's face. Ow.

You now love to touch my mouth when you're going to sleep for naps. I guess it's comforting for you, and I think it's sweet!

You have a new-found interest in Piper and always try to pet her. You grab a fist of fur and pull! We'll have to work on that!

Adalyn, you are changing and are a complete joy to me! Your daddy and I think you are amazing and more than we could have dreamed of!

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  1. I totally think the baby-led weaning is a good idea. My mom said I weaned myself at 10 months once I started tasting "real" food. I didn't want breastmilk anymore! lol.

  2. I hate that you're hurting so much without Mark :(

    I can't believe big girl can stand at the play table, that's amazing! She is so beautiful I know you think she looks like Mark but I really think she's a mix of you both.

    Love the pictures with Piper they are adorable.

    Sorry for my lack of comments recently I'm always reading.

  3. I just realized I missed a TON of your posts??!! I don't know how that happened!! E likes to scratch things, too! Well...he doesn't do it much anymore, but he used to just lay his hand on something and scratch, scratch, scratch. So funny! Ad is such a doll baby! Her little sleep & play in the pictures with Pi is so cute!