Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stream of consciousness!

Today was full of greatness. We started the day with Lucky Charms and ended it with pizza. And there was so much packed in between those two of my favorite foods.

I missed the entire sermon today. Adalyn was overtired and wasn't having it. I hung out in the nursery while she slept. The cause of this whole mess was that I left every single pacifier at home, so I couldn't get her to sleep in the service. I walked into the nursery, and there it was: a brand new Nuk pink pacifier still in the package. Thank you, God!

We have a photoshoot set up for this weekend with MckMama. Excited is an understatement. I just hope Ad isn't asleep or nursing during my time slot. I have this outfit picked out:

Hope it warms up a little!

We did lots of shopping today. I escaped the mall with only one bag in my hand - can't pass up a Children's Place sale! Adalyn fell asleep while I was in Bath & Body Works. She is a great shopping buddy:

Clayton has now lost 4 teeth and is a super big kid. But you know what? He intensely loves Adalyn. Yesterday, I spotted him holding her hand in the car:

He sings to her, plays with her, and keeps her so happy. He has a precious heart and such a kind spirit. I love him so much, and so does Ad!!

It has been a fantastic weekend. I'm looking forward to Coming Home, Sister Wives, the Duggars, and the season premiere of Secret Life. Normally I hate tv, but I love these shows.

Almost time for bed!! Cuddling with this sweet girl now:

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  1. She is just sooooo cute. I can't believe she can sit up that well at 5 months.

  2. Oh wow, how exciting to have a shoot with MckMama! I wanted one too, but unfortunately there's just no room in the budget. Have fun! :)

  3. That outfit is adorable! Can't wait to see the pictures! :) Have fun with it!