Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5 things this mommy wants

My dream list. Things I'll probably never get but definitely have my eye on them. If I had an unlimited stash of money, I'd get them all. But that probably isn't true, because I'm a big saver. But a girl can wish, right?

1. A woven wrap: Yes, another baby carrier. But this one lets you pack your baby on your back!

This photo abounds with cuteness, does it not? Sadly, you can't (safely..) pack a baby on your back with the Moby. But this little sucker is made extra sturdy with babywearing in mind. Too bad they're priced out the wazoo. But guys, I wish so bad that I could put Adalyn on my back. Holds kids up to 30 pounds. Guess we'll stick with the Ergo for back-riding!

2. Aden + Anais blankets: It seems like everyone has these blankets!! EVERYONE. The reviews are amazing and people claim that these blankets are their "must-have" baby item. They're made from muslin and can squish up to a teeny size to be packed away in a diaper bag REALLY easy. Plus they're the perfect size for nursing covers (I hate actual nursing covers. Haven't used them.. EVER! I just use blankets.) or a mat for tummy time or a shade from the sun or anything.

They're kind of pricey, so guess what? Target, our beloved store, has their own Target line of Aden & Anais blankets! They're $32 or so, and I just love them.

3. The Beaba & Baby Magic Bullet: Yes, we discussed this yesterday. But I can't imagine the ease of making baby food with these contraptions. I don't exactly want to stand in front of a stove and steam and puree. Lazy? Maybe. But I'd rather be doing other things. I would love to throw carrots into a steamer and leave.. only to come back to a pot of food ready to go. Doesn't get any better than that.

4. Rumparooz & Kawaii cloth diapers: Yep, I'm still moderately obsessed with cloth diapering. I wish I could convince the world to forget about Pampers and Huggies and buy cloth diapers. (Read: IT SAVES YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, PEOPLE!!!!!!!) Rumparooz are just too cute, and Kawaii cloth diapers get great reviews. If I only had unlimited money, I would build a stash of cloth diapers to the moon.

5. A mommy necklace from Etsy: I just can't get enough of these adorable necklaces from Etsy. I dream of having one that says "Adalyn 10-20-10" to go around my neck. They're just too sweet!!

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  1. That necklace is super cute! We love our Aden + Anais blankets! Super soft and only get softer with each wash. Worked great for a light weight blanket to swaddle her in those hot summer months...too bad she hated being swaddled! :) We still use them today.