Saturday, June 12, 2010

finally, an update!

I promise I'm still alive in Kentucky! I've been preoccupied with this new, adorable, scrumptious, sweet, flawless, edible nephew:

I could eat him with a spoon.

C & H have adjusted beautifully to this 7lb 13oz addition to the family. Clayton is an extremely proud Big Brother and takes his role very seriously. Hudson thinks Graydie is all that & a bag of chips. He says, "I want it!" and reaches for the baby. Holding Graydon is his new favorite past time.

Who can blame him? Holding him is my new favorite past time too!

Graydon "bought" C this new "Pop Up Book Maker" that comes with two blank books and lots of accessories to make the book 3D. We've been working on a book on animals, which C cleverly named, "The Eye of the Tiger." He's chosen animals such as: skunk, shark, t-rex, dog, etc. and we've practiced writing a sentence about each animal along with a drawing.

Here's his first page:

Complete with gigantic green shark
& blood dripping out its mouth.

I'm already re-attached to my nephews and want to spend every moment with them. But nap time is always welcomed with glee :) Clayton has become so expressive of his feelings, and I'm so impressed with his abilities to tell me exactly how he feels. He has told me so much in the past few days -- especially during late nights in bed when the lights go out. Few things are sweeter than those moments :)

Huds can sit and listen and carry on little conversations. His little eyes say so much, and he is such a wonderful child. This morning, we were alone for many hours, and he was just perfect. He's grown up so much over the past few months, and I'm so proud of him for tackling his new role of Big Brother so well.

Becoming an aunt was the best decision my sister ever made for me. I love these children :)


  1. I'm pretty much obsessed with little babies and I sooooo want to just eat up this little guy! I even made my hubby check him out during our Skype conversation yesterday! haha

  2. they are precious children and you all are truly blessed to have each other!!
    love you!!

  3. He is so cute. :) Lauren makes cute babies.