Tuesday, June 29, 2010

24 week update!

How far along? 24 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain: Um, 19.

Maternity clothes? Of course. There's no way I could fit into regular clothes now!

Sleep: I sleep on one side until I'm in too much pain, then I flip to my other side. I sleep on my back for at least part of each night -- it's the only relief I can get from hip pain.

Best moment this week: I suppose a healthy doctor's appointment!

Movement: She moves and grooves and shakes my entire belly. Without fail, she gets super active during our church sermon each week! But her other two favorite times to move are early in the morning, lunch, supper, and late at night.
Gender: Sweet baby girl.

Labor Signs: No no!

Belly Button in or out? Uh, my belly button is way smaller than it used to be. It's barely a hole. I'm sure it will be flat in just a few weeks. Mark thinks it's so cute, haha! It looks like a baby belly button..

What I miss: A normal-sized bladder. Today, when I entered the hospital (my appointments are actually IN labor & delivery. Like, delivery rooms are *right* next door to my exam room -- very cool!), I peed before I went up to the 3rd floor. Then I had to test my urine, so I peed again. Then, after my appointment (15 minutes later?) I had to pee again. Water just goes riiiiight through me...

Weekly Wisdom: Beats me.

Milestones: One week closer to her due date!

Today was our 24 week appointment -- my first appointment in the actual midwifery center! My other appointments have been in the building next door (still the hospital), but in the obgyn area. And today I learned how to test my own urine! She taught me what each pH test strip box meant, the varying colors, and what it would mean for me if my color was off. For instance, I can now determine on my own if I have a bladder infection or if protein shows up in my urine! :) Very cool!

I set up my gestational diabetes test -- 4 weeks from now (28 weeks), and I chose the orange drink. Flat Sprite or flat grape drink sounds awful to me. My blood pressure is perfect, weight is great, and I'm feeling fine! My uterus measures exactly 24 weeks, and her heartbeat was 160.

She felt around and determined that my baby was nearly positively head down (right now -- goodness knows she will do lots of flips before birth!)

Our birthing classes begin in August, and we're very excited! My third trimester class will also be coming up soon! I have a feeling that, once birthing classes start, all of this will seem very real!

Mk, that about covers it!


  1. Uh, SO cool that you learned how to test your own urine! And that you got to PICK your drink flavor! I didn't have a choice and they gave me the yucky Sprite one that I nearly gagged drinking, then realized it was EXPIRED after it was gone. Bahaha. Make sure you check the date on yours! ;)

  2. I associate Sprite with nausea, since I always drink it when I've been vomiting, so I KNOW it would make me reallllly sick to drink the Sprite one :\ and I *haaaaaaate* grape-flavored things!!! Thank heavens I got orange.

  3. So I just wanted to tell you that you looks absolutely amazing! I hope I look as good as you do whenever I have a baby. And I am getting super excited for you :)

  4. You have the cutest belly! Love reading your updates. :)

  5. Can I just say you are the CUTEST (I do mean cutest) pregnant lady I have ever met (and I guess that would really mean cyber read). Okay getting out of the technical. I love reading your blog and hearing how excited you are about being pregnant! You are just cute! I'm excited for you and your hubby babies are fun!