Sunday, June 6, 2010

update from home!

I normally don't go four consecutive days without blogging. And, really, I could go even more -- I'm way too busy/tired/preoccupied/excited to blog. But I have a few free minutes, so I might as well do an update:

I made it safely to Kentucky! The flights home were perfect and I arrived in Nashville 20 minutes early. When C saw me, he ran across the airport so fast to hug me. It was the cutest thing ever. Then, when I got home, Hudsie looked up at me and said, "Shannie" in the sweestest, softest voice I'd ever seen. Since then, he likes to come up to me and say "Shannie, Shannie" and grin super big.

I'm a lot in love with Hudsie.

Since being here, we've been going non-stop. I'm a little shocked at how much Hudson has grown! He can speak in full sentences and ask for anything he wants. He calls Clayton "Bubby," which he came up with all on his own, and they play like little best friends!

Friday, I spent the night with C -- what an experience. He kicked and flopped all night, but it was sweet to wake up next to my little man and get a good morning hug. Saturday was filled with haircuts, Clayton's baseball game, a wedding shower, swimming, and a smidge of relaxing. Pictures will come, I promise!

I swear that my stomach has popped out even more since I arrived in Kentucky. C has already felt Punkin move, which he thought was super cool. Mark says that Piper is more depressed than ever and is sleeping much more than usual. Sniff. I miss the two of them so much, but I am having lots of fun here. We're anxiously awaiting Sprout's arrival and I CAN'T wait to be an Aunt^3.

I love love love my nephews. They are the sweetest things ever. Little boys are wonderful :)


  1. Just in time for becoming a big brother Hudson doesn't look like a baby anymore! He looks like such a big boy, very like his big brother actually.

    I'm excited to find out what name your sister has chosen!

  2. Hey, I just noticed that Piper is 1 yr old. Happy Birthday, Piper! =)