Thursday, June 24, 2010

you might be

You might be 24 weeks pregnant if you...

...Use the restroom, walk downstairs, sit down, and realize that you have to go pee. Again. Even though you just sat down.

...Have a constant sore spot in your ribs from the wacky position your baby's in. So you massage it to try to get her to move, and she probably thinks it's a loving touch from mama. But really I'm saying: Please, child, move!!

...Can down a medium strawberry limeade in, like, 2 minutes. And you're slurping the last bits of strawberry through the straw before you make it home.

...Now realize that you know the real meaning of back pain.

...View peeing as a "chore" and are sick and tired of using public restrooms. "Holding it" is no longer an option..

...You LOVE the "Stork Parking" at various establishments and whip into those spots with pride! Front row parking - heck yes!

...Are now used to people commenting on your body - no matter how inappropriate - and what they view has "changed" about you :)

...Have discussed the "pain of childbirth" with one too many people. Genesis 3:16 already told me that it's supposed to hurt, as willed by God :)

...Embrace your body, knowing that this is the only time in life when having a huge gut is marked as "cute" by others!

...Can't remember the last time you slept through the whole night without interruption from your pathetically-equipped bladder, which now seems to be the size of a pea.

Welcome, 24 weeks of pregnancy :)

As I type this blog post, Piper is tapping me on the leg with a paw. This is her (adorable) way of politely asking me to pet her little head. In my heart, I know that she will take to her new "little sister" like a champ -- she is insanely loving, affectionate, protective, and cat-like. And, truthfully? We are looking SO forward to the day when Punkin Bean can "call" Piper over and play with her. Won't that be the day!!

Lately, I've discovered just how many freebies exist out there with the use of coupons. Seriously, stores and restaurants are practically begging to give us free food and merchandise. Today, we were able to use $5 Babies R Us Bucks (sent to us in the mail) and got 2 Nuk pacifiers for absolutely free. We didn't even pay tax. I almost felt guilty for walking into a store and walking out with a free item. Almost, guys.

Tonight, we're going to a Crown Financial seminar, which I'm very excited about! If I learn any interesting tidbits, I'll be sure to blog them. Piper's going to the beauty shop tonight to get a new hairdo. We're going short, so there will definitely be photos to follow!



  1. You're such a cute pregnant lady! I didn't get poked in the ribs until I was 30-something weeks, but it was CONSTANT from then on and I was SURE I was bruising from the inside out because it was so painful! Oh, those little feet!

    Can't wait to see Pi's new 'do!

  2. Just one thing, mama. Be careful with those pacifiers. Anything of that sort shouldn't be used for 4-6 weeks with a breastfed baby. Not only can it mess up the latch, but a newborn nurses almost constantly at first so its important to offer the breast instead of a paci.

    Okay, unsolicited advice over with =)