Wednesday, June 9, 2010

stream of consciousness: kentucky style!

I haven't blogged in days. And, really, I haven't taken many photos! But I promise that will soon change. Somehow, I get caught up playing/swimming/holding/cuddling my nephews.. and I just forget to photograph anything!

I've been alternating between spending the night with Clayton and my parents. This morning, C let me "sleep in" and woke me up at 7:40! What a treat! He leaned over and whispered, "Shannie? Are you ready to get up?" And how could I say no to that?!

Hudsie says my name "Sannie" and likes to give me kisses and talk to me. I call Hudsie my little "Toot" because that's what he is! A long long time ago, Hudson met a family friend's baby, named Davis. He met him once. Since then, he thinks Davis is "our baby," and he goes around the house talking about Davis all day long. We try to say, "No, our baby is G____, not Davis!!" And he ARGUES with us!! "NO! IT'S DAVIS! DAAAVIS!!!" Okay, kid. Whatever you say.

Sprout will be born tomorrow. I'm spending the night with C&H and my sister is trotting off to the hospital at 5am tomorrow morning. I'll get the kids up, feed them breakfast, dress them, and then call my sister. Hopefully she'll be scooting right along and dilating like a pro. Then, of course, I'll be headed to the hospital to photograph the whole thing! We're all super excited to see who Sprout looks like (we're mostly anxious to see if he has hair!) and Clayton is overjoyed about becoming a big brother again. Hudsie is unaware and oblivious to it all.

Today I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted (darker!!!!) and will be spending the remainder of my day with my nephews.

Just for fun, I think I'll make a "prediction" about Sprout:

June 10, 2010
7lbs 5oz

quite a bit of dark hair
Hudson's complexion

Can't wait to see if this baby comes out looking like Clayton:


Or Hudson:



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