Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My blog is so totally dead. It's tragic. I promise that Mark and I have been living and breathing and doing normal things.. but I just haven't blogged about it! I think I might have baby brain. As in... my baby is the only thing I can think about. No really. I think about her all.the.time.

Which leaves zero room for thinking about my blog. But fear not. Because once I give birth to her, I'll want to tell the world! And also tell you about every single thing she does :]

Our little puppy wuppy knows something's up. She loves to cuddle my belly these days and never wants to leave my side. Sometimes at night, I'll catch her with her face smushed to my belly. I wonder if she can hear the baby's heartbeat, or if she likes to feel the baby move inside me. No idea, really, but I do know that dogs know what's up!

As far as how I'm feeling...

Well, I was having this excruciating back pain in my mid-section that lasted for two days. But it miraculously went away, and now I feel great! I'm having lots of pressure, and sometimes feel like this child could drop right out of me at any given moment. But I'm sleeping much better and have absolutely nothing to complain about. I feel great and love pregnancy to death!

I think it might be neat to make a prediction about our daughter. I mean, why not!?

Adalyn Reese
7lbs 6oz

Lots of light brown hair and looks like me.

So I guess we'll see how accurate I am!! If you have any predictions about her, throw them my way!

I'm trying a new recipe out tonight - chicken spaghetti - so I'll blog about it tomorrow with pictures. I'd rather be having this:

a chicken bowl from Chipotle

but oh well. Hopefully the chicken spaghetti rocks tonight!


  1. my prediction is 10-12-10
    she is born at 4:38 pm
    7lbs 1oz
    17 in

  2. My prediction:

    10-10-10 (Cause that's so cool).
    Born at 5:46 pm.
    7 lbs 5 oz
    19 in

  3. Gosssssh I forgot how much I love her name!! :) :)

    Okaaaay, here's my guess:
    5:37 PM

    Blonde hair and has your mouth and looks like M!!

  4. you two are so nice :) predicting these sweet 7lb children for me :) If one more person says that I must be having a jumbo-sized kid... ahem :)

  5. oops! you THREE are nice!! I just now saw Britt's comment :) I HOOOOPE she looks like Mark!! And I also hope that she is born at a decent time. I just guessed 2am because the midwives say most births happen in the middle of the night. My family would DEFINITELY prefer her to be born at a decent hour!! :)

  6. Hmmm...
    10-10-10 haha I just wanted to write that:-)
    2:22 am
    7lbs 10oz

    Ps...I havent blogged in forever either and just the other day I realized I hadn't hopped over here in f.o.r.e.v.e.r! I was surprised to see you hadn't blogged much either! I've missed reading about that precious baby:)

  7. i'm TOTTTTTALLY hoping for a 10/10/10 baby!!!!!! that is THE coolest birthday ever! just a little tid bit: my first ultrasound at 8wks showed her being due on 10-11, and "they" say that early ultrasounds are super accurate. That, plus I got my positive at 8DPO at NIGHT (really early!) means that I might actually have a shot at a 10/10/10 child! :D

  8. My guess is:

    3:56 am
    6lbs 14oz
    20 inches

  9. I'm thinkin'...

    8 lbs even
    20 & 3/4 "
    3 am

    I totally facebook stalk you from England every morning when I wake up just to see if Little Miss A is here yet.. :)

  10. hmmm my guess would be

    7lbs 12oz
    20.33 inches

  11. 10-13-10
    8lbs 2oz
    4:45 PM
    20 3/4 "

  12. Aunt Lauren's prediction
    Arrival - October 16th - one day late comes in the family
    Time - 2:30 in the afternoon
    Weight - 7lbs 5 1/2 oz
    A little light brown hair

  13. They say the "feeling great" part happens JUST before you're about to give birth ;) So...here's to hoping...and for good measure....10-09-10 3:23pm 6 lbs 2 oz and 18.5 inches long ;) BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE her name so super cute!

  14. 10-21-10 2:05am 8lbs 2oz and 19 3/4 inches.

  15. Gah I'm on vacation just now and have really limited internet, I'm so totally going to miss the birth!

    8lb 3oz

    But if you could hold on until after the 17th that would be fabulous ;-)

  16. I wonder if all of that back pain was her turning to get in better position for labor. I wouldn't know what that feels like because Gavin was a sunny-side up baby, but it sounds like maybe miss Adalyn is getting ready for the big day! Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better and i hope it lasts!