Monday, February 14, 2011

4 months!

Well, I finally decided to get Blogpress on my iPhone since the days of lounging in front of the computer are over (for now!) and since M has our laptop, I'll be blogging from the phone. Just as good! ...kind of :)

I've come to terms with the face that my little toot is a high-needs baby and am embracing it. I really owe Dr. Sears BIG time, because he has helped me understand her better and how to help her. Adalyn hates naps. She takes 4 (sometimes 5) naps a day, and she goes to sleep so, so easy! But staying asleep? No. Not at all. She wakes up at least once per nap, even if I'm holding her. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me she was "spoiled" to being held, I'd be one rich mama. But that isn't the case, folks. Because her eyes pop open in my arms & I have to soothe her back to sleep. Even if we nap together and she's in my arms, she will still wake at least once.

And, oh yeah, I don't agree with CIO at this age. Cruel :)

We're loving (LOVING!!!!!) the Cloud B Sleep Giraffe and we're working daily on sleeping independently. But she's my little toot and I'm fine with helping her sleep, if that's what she needs at this age. I just pat her bottom & shush her, and she (unwillingly :) goes back to sleep!

Like they say: the years are short and the days are long.

I'm choosing to love this stage, even if she hates to stay asleep :)

So what else is Ad up to?
-talking up a storm!! Little Miss Chatterbox
-grabs & holds toys with both hands & chews them
-sucks on anything she can squeeze in her mouth
-loves the Jumperoo
-loves or hates people. And lets them know :)
-tries to roll from her back to her belly. (already goes from belly to back)
-has tried baby oatmeal.. And maybe a bite or two of organic Ella's baby food :O
-refuses formula like the plague
-thinks her mama is awesome**

**no, really. We're BFF.

Most common phrases said to us these days:
-is she always so happy!!? (haha!!!)
-she has the cutest smile!
-Little Mark! Looks like daddy!!
-she's sooo little!
-she's SOO alert!
-how old is that baby?! She has awesome neck control!
-she sure loves to talk!

We're all smiles over here! Loving this stage and adoring every second of motherhood!!! I beg her every day to pleeeeaase not grow up! :)

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  1. She is so adorable. Does Mark's family think she looks just like him as a baby? My daughter made me hold her to sleep and was a high needs baby (breastfed to age 3) and is now an independent 16 year old. Enjoy every sweet moment it goes by way too fast!

  2. She's so precious! I've never ever heard that saying before about the days and years, but how true is that?! Clever! I still need to get one of those giraffes. Well, we'll at least get one sometime in the next few months or so. ;)

  3. I love the last part of Brittney's post ;) Also, I'd never heard that about the days and years. So cute!