Friday, February 25, 2011

Our favorite toy.

A while ago, I came across a brand of toys.

Manhattan Toys.

Fun toys.

I couldn't get enough. It's no exaggeration that I fell in love with the brand. Every toy was seemingly perfectly designed for different age groups and developmental abilities. Perfecto. And adorable.

So, enter the Winkel. I researched it, in Shannon fashion, and it got incredible reviews. So we bought one.

Guys, this is THE BEST TOY for infants. At least for infants her age, anyway. It's almost like plastic cords twisted and connected, perfect for small hands to grasp.

Perfect for little mouths to chew.

Perfect to tote around.

And my kid LOVES this thing!!!!

It goes *everywhere* with us, and it's by far the best toy for her. It is literally one of the few toys her small hands can hold.

I'm not being paid to endorse this or anything, but....

...your kid needs this toy. Adalyn says so.

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  1. Too cute! Eloise loved the winkel too! I love Manhattan Toys! When Adalyn is old enough you should look in to there doll, Stella. Super cute will definitely grow with her and best yet, it isn't your typical plastic doll all cloth!

  2. baby stella has already been on my list for her 1st Bday!!!! Love her!!!!! :D