Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 of "The Change" is going great! Here's what my day looks like:

Special K cereal with fat free milk OR oatmeal

A frozen meal.. Fun :)

17 Special K crackers with Laughing Cow cheese
OR fruit
OR string cheese
OR fat free pudding

Basically a regular meal, I just try to make healthier options. Cutting back, you know.

And no cokes. Just lots of water.

Hopefully that + my super fun (ahem...) exercise routine will start to show some results.

In other news, I'm totally sleep deprived. My kid has BAD gas. Help!!! What do I do to help her?! She's EBF, so I can't change her formula or anything. She is extremely uncomfortable at night, waking up 8 times! Any recommendations, anyone!?

I'm too mentally exhausted to blog anymore. Goodnight.

Oh, and here's a little glimpse of my day -- Hudsie & Ad.

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  1. you've probably tried this, but we used mylicon gas drops (or generic) to help with discomfort. try gently rubbing her belly in clockwise motions around her belly button and curling her legs up and down against her tummy....also, while breastfeeding, you might have to watch what triggers her gas with what you are eating. another tip, those microwave dinners have so many preservatives in them, that could be causing the sudden change in gassiness.....try more fresh veggies and fruits but watch out for broccoli, that could cause gas too. cilantro was our trigger food with leah. good luck--hope you figure out what works for you and your little one!

  2. I would've never even thought of preservatives in frozen meals causing gas! But I've heard the broccoli one before, buuuut never had any experience with that with E. :\ I guess I just didn't eat it? lol. BUT I hope you figure something out to help her!