Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4 months.

Nugget turned 4 months old this week.

pause for mourning

Today was her check-up and vaccination visit. I get overly and oddly nervous about doctor visits. I think that I subconsciously worry if I'm doing everything right as a singly-present parent. But it turns out that she's tootin' right along and is growing right on track.

My "teeny" baby, as people like to call her, weighs 13.05lbs and is 24" long! Smack dab exactly 50% in both areas.

I asked the doctor about her extreme gas problems, and he suggested an OTC medicine for her and myself. You better bet that I'm running out to get it tonight.

He didn't seem to have much advice on her sleeping issues. He just advised me to swaddle her tight (we do that) and to put her in the same spot each day for naps. Then he said to "not touch her" and "not pick her up" if she cries. I really, really disagree with that style of parenting. Even if I let her CIO, she gets hysterical and is beet red with tears covering the sheet. There is no way she would ever quit and put herself to sleep. If I let her CIO, she would simply scream until it was time to eat again.

Hopefully things will improve. I have hope :)

I decided to keep her on the usual vax schedule, and she got a shot in each leg and an oral vax. I cried. The nurse cried. She had to leave the room since she started to cry.

(Note: this is the second time I've made a nurse cry when Adalyn has gotten shots..)

For now, she's napping in my arms - yep, I'm doing some major cuddling now! Hopefully fevers and pain stay away. I hate to see my little toot in pain, as any mama does. She is too, too sweet, and I love her to bits!

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  1. aaawwww I miss her so much. I really wish I could have been there. It makes me sad that I can't oversee her care.

  2. Ohhhh I hope the gas suggestion works!!!!

  3. Yeah, keep us posted on the gas suggestion!

  4. her right arm in the last Dr visit picture looks like a nub.

  5. Dr. Sears cured me of any thought of CIO. -Crsytal