Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remembering at 4 months

I want to remember everything about every stage. I'm trying to keep a baby book, but it just isn't detailed enough. Puddin (O, how I have so many names for her..) is 4 months. I love this age. I want to remember everything about it.

-Everything goes to her mouth now. Everything. Even your hand, if she's holding it.

-Nightly massages with California Baby lotion are thrilling to her.

-I make up songs And she thinks it's the best thing ever.

I love my little Adalyn, she's my baby girl
I love my baby Adalyn, she's my world!
Big blue eyes and little button nose,
Little blonde hair and long skinny toes!
I love my baby Adalyn, mommy's best friend
Mommy will love you until the very end.

I sing this basically every day!

-She will let pretty much anyone hold her.. With a few exceptions...

-She now reaches for everything she sees and will bend over backwards to get them. This week, I was holding her at a restaurant. She reached as hard as she could for my plate, faster than my friend could stop her, and burned her hand. That cry could have been heard a mile away!

..trying her darndest to get my camera!

-She especially loves Hudson and crooks her neck as hard as she can so she can watch him! He calls her "Adalyn Reesie Cup" and loves her.

-Her little toots are more like big macho man farts. Daddy would be proud.

-I love getting ready with her each morning. She watches me get ready and then sits in her highchair and intently watches me eat cereal.

We're definitely in a "groove," and I'd say things are getting easier by the day. I absolutely love her at this special age. After all, she thinks mama is the funniest, best person alive.. We are definitely best friends :)

Riding like a big kid in the Ergo.. Can you believe it?!

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  1. Too cute! I have to admit, Eloise's farts are the same way! Crazy how such a small person can have such huge! farts! :)

  2. You're so clever at making up those little poems and how smart to turn them into songs to sing! When E was younger I'd sing him songs about what I was doing, like changing his diaper or dressing him. He thought it was hilarious!

  3. I'm so jealous I cant be with her in this stage of her life.