Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a poem from an exhausted mother

There once was a baby named Adalyn Reese
She was the first granddaughter & niece

Cuter than a button
With blonde hair & blue eyes
But made herself known
With loud and awful cries

She loved her Jumperoo
And loved to bounce on a lap
But this sweet little girl,
She really hated a nap.

Oh she'd fall asleep in
30 seconds flat
With a passy, giraffe,
And a pat, pat, pat, pat.

Out like a light
Limp as could be
But don't let her fool you
She's not sleepy..

As soon as you move
Her body starts to twitch
And you try your darndest
To lay her down without a glitch..

Just a few minutes later
You'll let out a sigh
And then, there you'll hear it,
A big, loud, mad cry.

Every attempt to pat, shush,
Or soothe her back to sleep
Makes her cry even harder
She's as mad as a <*bleep!*>

Back in my arms she goes
I cuddle her back to dream land
Attempt to put her back in her crib
And here we go again..

Hard to believe that sweet little face could be so difficult, right? Don't let her fool ya.

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  1. cute poem! You were always good at those precious poems! :)