Monday, February 1, 2010

13 days & counting.

Valentines Day is, like, less than two weeks away, folks!

Our very first Valentines Day as a married couple. Sigh.

Errrrrrp. Wait. Haven't we been married for over a year!? Oh yeah. That's right. But last year at this this time, Mark was at basic military training. So he wrote me a lover letter. I wrote him one (daily). But this year, we'll be together! So we're excited. Well, I know I'm excited. You'll have to ask Mark about his feelings himself!

So I'm pondering what I should get/make for Mark for this momentous occasion. Then I went to Bakerella's website, and I saw these:

red velvet balls, folks

Aren't they just divine?! I mean, really now -- they almost scream "Will you be my Valentine?!" And don't worry -- Mark usually only reads my blog if I ask him to. So my idea/secret is safe between you and me. I think.

He We already have my Valentines Day present picked out! I'm pretty excited to get it. Once it arrives, I might give you all a peek. If you're lucky! Hint: It's orange! (but of course...)

In case I've failed to mention, Mark goes on his very first TDY (temp duty) to Pennsylvania this coming week! He leaves on Sunday, we think. So whatever shall I do? Oh. I know! Turn on the Super Bowl, eat chips and dip with Piper, and lounge around on our new couch (more on that later!) He'll be gone for a week, so it'll just be me and my dog.

I'm unsure whether or not I told you -- but I found seasons 1 &2 of I Love Lucy on sale at Target last week. So I got it. And now I've been laughing my little head off at Lucy and Ricky each night. It's so splendid. It's my absolute favorite show.. so wholesome and down-right funny.

I'm pretty sure that covers almost all the thoughts running through my head. I think I'll pop in the 4th disc of ILL now and watch a few episodes. Nighty night.

Ps. Here's a random new shot of Hudsie. I'm showing it just cause I can.


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  2. YUM!! Who even knew those red velvet balls existed?!? Not this girl! I'll definitely [try to] make them. I'm excited.

    ...and the best part is? I can eat the whole batch, because I have no crazy boy to share them with. haha. Gotta stay positive, eh?

  3. Red Velvet Balls?! OMG! yummmm i want some.. Maybe I should get some for Mike for V-day and then eat them all myself hahaha

  4. Um, Christine, I think you're forgetting you can share them with your wonderful roommates!!!

    Shannon, those DO look wonderful. I never thought of some chocolately goodness to get Robert for V-Day, so I settled on a scrapbook. We'll see how that turns out.

  5. YUM! You know red velvet is my favorite! ;)

    Also, when I was reading your post, I didn't look at the picture of H until I had gotten to it, and the whole time I thought it was C out of the corner of my eye! When you said "Here's a random new shot of Hudsie" I was like, "WHAT?!" Then looked and it WAS him!

    Did that make any sense?

  6. yes! Now that you mention it, it DOES look kinda like Clayton! :O Wow... crazy!!

    and mmmmmmmm red velvet cake...

  7. I tried to make these for Justin once because red velvet is his favorite, but I failed miserably, they were horrible, not sure WHAT I did wrong. If you have never made the Oreo truffles off her site, they are absolutely amazing! And I tried her other flavors too, but the Oreo ones beat them all!

  8. I made those exact red velvet balls from Bakerella and trust me, they are good. But she LIES about how easy they are to make. It was by far the messiest dessert ever. I had to keep refreezing the balls of cake to keep them from crumbling in the melted chocolate. And we had to keep the finished balls in the freezer because otherwise, the chocolate would melt. It was a nightmare.
    They were the best thing I've ever eaten.