Friday, February 26, 2010

swords & guns?!

Clayton is all boy. Give him trucks, balls, guns, and anything sport-related, and he's a happy kid! This boy even brought a foam sword to the hospital when Hudson was born. So it was no shocking thing that, when we toured Williamsburg, he immediately saw a wooden musket (?) gun and begged me to buy it.

And who am I to say no?

So I bought the over-priced thing, and he loved it. Still does. I'm a firm believer that boys will be boys, and there's nothing wrong with providing fun [toy] guns and [play] swords for little ones. This kid was building "guns" out of giant Legos as a toddler with his vivid imagination, so he was going to play with a gun one way or another.

And Hudson will even create a make-shift gun with his fingers. He takes his thumb and pointer finger, taps them together, and says "pow pow!" like he's shooting a gun. It's very odd, cute, and hilarious. Guns must be in the blood of boys.

And when you have a little brother, a little year & a half-old brother, what could be more fun than a sword fight?

I know, I know. It looks bad. Truth be told, it wasn't. Hudson was crying because he lost the sword fight, and Clayton got the sword out of his hand. He wasn't hurt. He got right up and was fine. What kind of aunt would I be if I allowed my baby to be slayed by a sword? Hmm? Not a very good one ;]

But have no fear, because Hudson is here! He may not be a pro at sword-fighting, but he is a pro at a water gun. Watch as he shoots and "kills" his big brother.

POW POW! This video isn't for the faint of heart:

I'm unsure if there's anything cuter than Hudson totting along with a gun in his hand, trying so desperately to keep up with Big Brother. Oh wait. There is. Him screaming, "POWWWW!!!!" takes the cake!

Sometimes I wish I could bottle up my nephews into this sweet stage. Yesterday, my mom asked Hudson if he missed "Pipuh." He said "uh uhh" (meaning: no). I can't wait to see the personality of my newborn nephew emerge. Will he be independent and strong-willed like his oldest brother? Or will he be sensitive and soft, like his older brother? Whatever Munchkin proves to be, one thing is for sure: He won't be participating in any slays or gunfights for quite some time.

At least, I hope not. Mwhahahaha.


  1. I love the videos! It's so cute how they play together! They have so much fun!

  2. hahaha. I LOVE Hudson's little hiney when he's running. So cute.