Friday, February 12, 2010


Mark should be back any minute now. I think. I hope. The northeast blizzard has caused his route home to be slow and traffic-filled. Very stinky. I intended on scrapbooking a lot while he was gone. But, thanks to Kodak being insanely slow, that never happened. I ordered *five* photos on Sunday. Today, I got an email saying that my order was completed, and it would be shipped shortly.

Uh, what?!

I ordered 490 photos from Shutterfly last month, and they arrived within two days. It's ridiculous. It must be super hard to print and ship five measly photos. Good gravy! Anyway. So, due to a family emergency, we'll be heading home tomorrow. I am excited to see the boys and things. It'll be a good trip. When Mark comes home, he'll know how long his leave was approved for.

I'm already totally sick of the winter Olympics. I can't stand how television is taken over by one event. The only Olympic sports I enjoy are: swimming, gymnastics, and diving. And sometimes ice skating.

I'm totally dreading on riding with Piper for 12 hours. I hate it. Oh well. We'll be home by tomorrow night, and can anyone say Kyoto!?

I'll take a #6 medium rare, please! And bring on the "clear soup," as Clayton calls it!


  1. I don't think the Winter Olympics even screen over here in NZ. Thank goodness. I wouldn't watch most of them if they did, the only parts I'm interested in are the same things you already mentioned. :)

  2. have you tried using service? they are great, I use them for my photos.

  3. Yeah my Mom uses and LOVES it... And you can get a lot of different options for your photos. A lot of pictures she took before I left she got printed on metallic paper. I think they look awesome. But really they provide an awesome service. You should check them out!

  4. Another vote for Mpix. That's who I recommend for my clients who purchase a cd. You can't beat their customer service and turn around time!

  5. Yummo! You're making me miss Kyoto. You'd better eat some up for me! :) Soak in BG while you're there too. Send some my way if you can. hehe.