Friday, February 26, 2010

So overrated.

There are so many overrated things in life. Just too many to name. But I'd like to point out a few, in my humble opinion:

  • Lady Gaga: I'm not sure how she became popular. Her wacky outfits make her seem to be crying for attention. I just saw a picture where she has two branches emerging from her head. I mean, really? It isn't cute. Or stylish. And no one is following her weird trend. And her music? It sounds like jibberish from Hudson. Her "music" is horrid, and I'm appalled that it even sells. I might sound a little mean, but I can't wait until the world wakes up and realizes that she's got no talent.
  • iPods: Oooh, watch out -- I feel like I might step on some toes. I don't get the point of iPods. While Mark was away at BMT, I had his iPod. I listened to it at work, and it helped me feel closer to him, since I was listening to a few of our favorite songs. But that's about it. I don't see why people feel like they have to be "plugged in" at all times. I mean, really? Do you need to ALWAYS listen to music?? Is it too hard to just sit in silence and maybe think or pray? Silence is golden, and our society is much too fast-paced. iPods are a bad idea. Plus, it's proven that they're terrible for your hearing, even if you listen at a reasonable volume [sound that close to your ears = bad news in the future]. Plus, they're overpriced. No one was this music-obsessed in 1995. Yet we still made it. Sure, there were little cassette tape players, but no one was glued to their music. It's a big old fad. At least I hope it is, because I can't stand iPods.
  • The super-straight hair cut. You know, the one where people flat-iron their hair until their hair basically is lifeless, old keratin hanging on their skull? It really irks me. Especially when super-straight, too-long bangs are involved (think Ashley from Y&R!) I cannnnnot stand this hair craze. But I think it's on its way out, thankfully! Everyone must know that a little body to your hair style is always preferred. Right?
  • Winter Olympics: Oh thank goodness they're almost over. I can't even begin to explain how boring the winter olympics, to me, has been. Night after night of skiing and ice skating. And, seemingly, the same event. Over. And over. And over. Until one person falls, and they show the clip over. And over. And over. And just now? I've seen the clip of the super duper Korean figure skater about 5 times in the last 10 minutes. I get it. She was great. But there is seriously more news to show! Besides, I think it's safe to say that most Americans are dead-sick of snow. So watching the winter olympics just isn't fun.
  • The Bachelor(ette): OH my gosh. I hate this show! SO MUCH! It's a disgrace to marriage and true love. I'm not even kidding. It's terrible. It's a mockery of what real love is. "Oh, let me share a man with 12 other girls, make out with him after 12 other girls just made out with him, and INSIST that I'm in REAL, true love! And the fact that he was just seen making out in a hot tub with two girls? That doesn't matter, because we're destined to be together." PUKE. Yet, they're on their 100th season or something. I'm so perplexed as to how this show continues to air. And everyone continues to watch it. It isn't real love. And I know, I know. That Trish & Ryan (?) made it and have a family now. Good for them. But the show is still despicable. Plus, it's disgusting. Just disgusting. Please don't watch this show. At least try to guard your little eyes.
  • TVs/DVD players in cars: I get that they might be neato for long car trips. But popping in a video of Dora the Explorer on your way to the grocery sore? Unnecessary. And it trains your child to be glued to media. I can't stand it. No child needs to watch that much television. And if your child can't sit still in the backseat long enough for a quick trip, then you have serious problems. Maybe, just maybe you could... I don't know.. TALK to your child?! Sing songs? Have your child color? Play car games (such as I Spy, which can be played child driving). There are a host of things which can be done to "entertain" a child in the car -- none of which include a video. I will admit that those minivans with the dvd players do look very spiffy -- but *I* would limit the usage to big trips ONLY.
  • American Idol: Ack! Don't stone me! So many of my friends love this show. And, for the life of me, I cannot understand why. These people are mediocre singers. The judges get paid to be rude and spout off pithy comments. And it's just bad. There's no way on earth that I could sit through an hour (or is it two?!) of singing. No. Way. It would need to be a daggon good singer to get my attention for that long. Season after season of AI comes and goes, and this show still remains popular. And now that Ellen is on? Don't get me started. But I will say: What does she really know about singing? Honestly. I have no place in publicly judging someone's voice capabilities, because I'm untrained. She's a comedian with a talk show - so what does she know? Sigh. Overrated. I truly hope this show goes off the air. And soon.
  • Those overpriced "modern" baby clothes: Gag. Puke. Hurl. I love when I go to a "modern" baby clothing website, and I see a onesie with a giraffe. Priced at $30. Are you freakin kidding me?! Why would any sane person pay that much for one ONESIE? Because it says it's modern? It's a total fad and nothing more. The best part? It says it's SOLD OUT. Parents jumping out of their skin to pay for an over-priced piece of fabric, probably made in China, when they could have gotten it for $4 at Carters. It blows my mind.

I think that pretty much sums it up. For now. I'll try to keep an on-going list on my phone of things I believe to be overrated! I would hate for my dear viewers to be swept up in big, nasty fads. Be on the lookout. And the next time you catch yourself wearing skinny jeans with a Bump It in your hair, question yourself: Is this a fad?! Because it probably is. A big, nasty fad.



  1. haha Shannon I basically agree with you all the way...I HATE lady ga-ga, and I really don't get either show (American Idol or Bachelor(ette) )...but...for some odd reason I still find myself watching it...I mean I promise myself after every season I will never watch it again and here I am starting a new season...but yes! the bachelor(ette) is a disgrace to marriage (I am pretty sure it is all an act) and IF is still around when my kids start watching TV they WILL NOT watch it bc I don't want them to think that that kind of behavior is ok! So..anyway amen Shannon!

  2. I definitely hate the bachelor(ette). Always have.

    I don't really have an opinion on baby clothes at the moment, but anything overpriced is pretty much out to me.

    Lady GaGa is completely overrated. True.

    BuT, the iPod. I love mine. I have an iTouch and it's great. However, I'm not "plugged in" all the time. I think that people like that, well, maybe they should back off. I only use mine in the car (long trips home) or if I'm running. Then it's my life saver.

    As someone who has straight hair, well, I can't say much. =)

    And I like the Winter Olympics. I just have an appreciation for people with athletic ability. Sure, some of the sports are annoying, and sure, some of the events are overrated, but I still think some of them are beautiful. I just like sports.

  3. nonono. I didn't say straight hair was bad, it's the super-straight hair cut. Like, the hair is FLAT to their face. It's a specific style. It's *super* flat-ironed to where the hair doesn't even move. I can't find a picture of it, because I'm unsure of how to Google it. argh!

  4. Totally agree with the Bachelor(ette) and AI rants. Plus, I don't really want to watch a show that has the word "IDOL" in it. Uh, nothankyou.

    We don't have an iPod, but we have an MP3 player. But we want an iPod because our MP3 player is falling apart. Ha. We use it for reformed rap and sermons in the car. So they're not *all* bad. :)

  5. HA ha hA! Good point, I agree with most. I do have an ipod that I use on the rare occassions I run or long car rides but besides that I agree with your point of view! I have three children and we drove from Maine to California without them watching a single movie, we survived, so it can be done! We are about to do it again, Cali to Rhode Island, and they will have to do deal with it some more!

  6. Ha.. Are you my long lost sister? I agree with you about everything but the skinny jeans, girlfriend. I've been rocking them my whole life! Oh, and I get the straight hair thing too. Coming from the other side of the tracks (naturally straight, lifeless hair that I would pay big bucks and use cans and cans of chemicals to train to curl), I do not understand for the life of me why the girls with BIG PRETTY CURLS are trying to get the look that I abhor. Overrated, definitely. And Lady Gaga? How about lady gagagag me?

  7. Ditto to everything Emily said. I don't like Bachelorette, don't know about Baby Clothes, and Lady Gaga is dumb, but I love all apple products, and I am addicted to the olympics. I have to appreciate athletic ability. Plus, it's only once every 4 years.

  8. well, i dont like or dislike lady gaga but seeing as how she has millions now and none of us do, id say shes winning at life right now. The Olympics I dont watch but I do respect, they are way more athletic than anyone that will post on this board, and have trained their whole lives to be where they are, and therefore deserve it. Ipods...meh. Hair...meh. tv shows, I dont like ANY reality show, especially the ones where they are parading their kids and family around in front of a camera all day. that just causes real life tension...see Jon and Kate plus 8 for proof of that.

  9. hahahah! I can agree with you on everything except that I have no idea what Bachelorette is since we don't have it here in Italy.

  10. I agree with almost everything...

    I'm a closet Lady Gaga fan.. I just love the song Paparazzi lol.. You should check out her VMA performance of it from 2009.. And also look at her outfits from it.. Yeah creepy..

    And I LOVE love LOVE my iPod.. I never usually connect it to headphones unless I'm going on a long car ride or plane ride. Otherwise it sits in my ihome and I keep that at a normal level while cleaning.. Otherwise I don't really listen to it. Or when we have people over we play it quietly in the background..

    I do not like that hair style at ALL! The girls at my high school would all do it and then think it was the bees knees.. They still tried to do it with bump it's in their hair! ugh!

  11. I somehow totally overlooked the skinny jeans. Sorry again, Shan, I do love those. Wore them yesterday, actually. I just don't think anything complements the ballet flats that I rock everyday quite as well. But I'll give you the bump it. It's kind of ridiculous.

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  13. check my last post, I've tagged you :)