Friday, February 5, 2010


Remember how my parents are bringing Clayton to visit me in early April? Well, my sister has asked me to blog our tentative itinerary! I've spent a lot of time researching my area and finding fun things for all of us!

Without further ado:

Wednesday: Fly in at 1pm -- pick them up and head to the Virginia Aquarium

This is a HUGE aquarium -- including exhibits such as: Malaysian Peat Swamp, Red Sea, Indonesian Volcanic Island, Light Tower Aquarium, Blue Crab & Aviary, Norfolk Canyon Aquarium, and the Chesapeake Bay Touch Pond.

The aquarium also has an IMAX theater with a screen six stories tall and eight stories wide! We'll likely see a little movie (about 40 minutes long) about whales or dolphins or sea creatures!

With huge turtles, seals, komodo dragons, and tons of sharks and amazing fish, Clayton is sure to love it!

Come home? Go out to eat?


Thursday: Fun In Richmond

We'll start out at the Children's Museum of Richmond. It looks SO fun! (and makes me feel a little bit MckMama-ish)

There are so many fun exhibits here: Blocks, Cave, Dairy Barn, Dino Zone, Little Farm, Play House, Sun Tubes, Town Square, Treeclimber, and Water Play. Oh, if only Hudson could come too!

Sadly, the Little Farm is only for 3 & under (Hudson would LOVE IT!) - but I have a sneaky suspicion that Clayton will love the Town Square, Dairy Barn, Dino Zone, Play House, Treeclimber & Water Play! I can't wait to see him in action! ($8)


Afterward, we'll head to the Short Pump Town Center, Richmond's huge huge mall! We might dine at the Cheesecake Factory (mother's request!) and look around.


Next, we'll mosey on over to the Science Museum of Virginia!

There's so much to learn here - from gravity to electricity to DNA and light, and tons about outer space. This one's still iffy, as someone (who shall not be named, but whose name rhymes with Layton..) might need a nap around this time. ($10 for adults, $8 for kids)



Maybe a lunch cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk. It's about a 2 1/2 hour day cruise where you enjoy the scenery and eat a big lunch. ($36.90 for adults, $18.45 for kids). Seems kinda steep, but it would be a fun experience. It's supposedly one of the "top things to do" in the area.

Later, hang out at the house? Visit the base? I don't know!


Saturday: Day at the beach? Should be good weather (hopefully) so we may be able to go to the beach and have fun building sand castles and playing in the ocean!




Church, hang out around town, drive them to the airport later that night.


I still need lots of suggestions and ideas! We could take a trip on Saturday to the Williamsburg outlet mall or to Virginia Beach -- I don't know! Anyone have any ideas??

I can't wait! April can't get here soon enough!


  1. i am sooooo jealous - i want to go!
    he will have a blast!!!!! take and PRINT tons of pictures - i know you will (=

    big sis

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  3. well, I don't know! They're coming the week of the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC.. so we COULD go there.. I don't know! :\ I wouldn't mind going to Tyson's Corner, but one can only shop so much.

    I also wouldn't mind going to Mount Vernon -- both of those are possibilities!

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  5. 2 1/2 hours. my mom did want to go to Monticello... so maybe??

  6. PLEASE get the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake when you go to the Cheesecake Factory. And tell it Brittney says hello before you indulge in chocolate cheesecake utopia.


  7. There is the Natural living Museum and Nauticus....I think they have a pirate exhibit there now but I don't know for how long...Your schedule of fun so far looks great and just know they will have fun because you are together as a family...enjoy your time...

  8. We took them to the Living Museum last time they were here! :) It was fun, but kinda pricey for what it was.. it was a LOT of weird, ugly fish :) but the nature trail was cool, and Clayton loved it, so it was worth it! :)

  9. What a FUN itinerary! I was going to say you BETTER take pictures and blog about it, but who am I kidding? You're the Queen! :) I'm so excited for you fun time family reunion!