Wednesday, February 10, 2010

three things:

You should know by now that my most favorite thing to do is research baby products. What's cute. What's safe. What's in. I can't get enough.

So today, I'm doing a post on What Works. These things aren't the cutest products by any means, but they (by far) get the very best ratings on the market. Which, in my opinion, is the most important thing.

1. Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat:

This is, by far, the absolute safest car seat out there. Britax is known world-wide for being the safest company - with the amazing side-impact protection. This carest is pretty pricey, but not really. It holds a baby from 5 to 65lbs. I'm not joking. It keeps your itty bitty newborn super safe, and it will last until your child is well past 5 years old. A regular car seat runs about $150, but your child will easily outgrow it by the first year (especially if you've got a long baby!). Then, you'd need another car seat for the next couple years - another $120.. and, finally, a booster seat for the preschool years - another $20. Britax lasts forever, and it's reportedly super easy to clean with the best material. It isn't cute at all, and black isn't my favorite color, but it serves its purpose and proves to be the best deal. It works!

2. bumGenius 3.0

What you're seeing is actually one diaper, not four. bumGenius has a genius snap system which makes your child's diaper grow with your child. It features a set of snaps on the back-side to adjust the size. For smaller babies, obviously, you'd snap it to the smallest setting. This way, you're saving money in the long run and don't have to continue buying more diapers when your child outgrows the size. They fit babies 7lbs-35lbs (or newborn to potty training) and the cloth inserts can be buttoned down to fit your newborn (so no need to buy multi-sized inserts). Users say that it's the best cloth diaper out there and it's basically impossible to get a leak. It's the #1 CD in the nation, so that does speak volumes..

3. WeeMan Potty Training Urinal:

If this isn't the coolest & neatest thing ever. Every little boy wants to be just like daddy, but toddlers can't reach the toilet! So, ba-da bing, a clip-on urinal for boys! Genius, I tell you! Once it's used, you just dump the urine right in the toilet. Teach your boy to stand up (which they'll want to do anyway) and avoid a big, bulky potty chair in your bathroom. Too cute for words! $18.95 on Amazon and worth it, in my opinion!


  1. Thats awesome. I really like the potty training toy! Thats so cool! I would love to do all of these for my kids. The car seat is just awesome. Why have to buy 3, when you can buy one? Thats super amazing! Thanks for blogging about these. I would have never known! :)

  2. Not sold on the BG diapers, but only because I'm partial to gDiapers. :) It *is* pretty clever to have ONE size that spans the diapering needs of your child, though. I guess they earn the "Genius" part of their name. Ha.

    And TOTALLY going to get that urinal potty training item for our little boy. It still looks kind of high though...does it say how far off the ground it sits?

    Also, I never understood convertible car seats. Does it have multiple positions that grow with the baby/toddler? Like, does it "lie down" for an infant and face the rear, then eventually get put into that upright position? I guess a good thing about having an infant car seat is that if you have multiple children in car seats at one time, your bigger kids can be safe in the other car seats and your infant can still be tucked away in the infant car seat. In that case, it wouldn't be a waste of money if there's always a baby to use it! :)

  3. I'm not sold on BG's yet either. Right now I'm 60% gDiapers and 40% BG's.. I can't decide!!! And I'm not sure if the car seat reclines. I just know that practically every mom (literally) on Baby Center says "GET A BRITAX!!!!" Huds was out of his infant seat by, like, 9 months.. because he hit 20lbs before then.. and in KY law you can face them forward or something if they're over 20lbs. So he had to get a big carseat sooner because he was WAY too fat for his baby seat. My sister has to get a new car seat for G, but idk which she'll pick. If she does get a Britax, I'll let you know if she likes it!

    Oh.. and the urinal.. I don't know how high it is. If it's any consolation (this might be TMI...) C has been able to stand up and use the toilet for quite a while. He used to stand on his tippy toes to do so, however.. I think it's way lower than it appears in the picture. Clayton's been standing up for a long time, so surely this little urinal hangs low!

    they also make another urinal that is free-standing and you can put in the corner of your bathroom. They're called Peter Pottys. :)

  4. That was my question about this car seat too. I'm going to have to look more at it....does it go rear-facing and then become forward-facing? I guess I could look these things up. And I am definitely a bumGenius gal! Though, I must say, every baby is different, and every cloth diaper is different. I've heard that bGs do well for long, thin babies (like Anne-Kelly), but friends of mine with chubbier babies outgrew bG fast and do better with, say, Happy Heiny's. Just a thought :)

  5. Rachel - yep, it flips backward and then forward! :)

    And interesting about the cloth diapers!!!! Mark & I were both long, thin babies, so I'm expecting our future baby to be the same. Probably. I was a SUPER skinny baby! (right mom?)

    I know they make those diaper trial things, so I might have to check that out. Ehh, I just can't make up my mind!!! I could do both.. I know most people don't use the gDiaper cloth inserts because they're "bad" and I could easily put a BG cloth insert in a gDiaper. Maybe. I think it would work...

    thanks! :)

  6. i love the potty training urinal - adorable.
    order this for me!

    big sis

  7. Thanks for posting! Very interesting!

  8. Who says gDiaper's cloth inserts are bad? Just curious, I haven't heard that anywhere.

    Also, the infant seat we have holds a baby up to 35 pounds, and recommends facing your baby to the rear until they hit 30 pounds. But, after that, I'll be sure to check out the Britax! :)

  9. Ugggh I can't copy and paste a link in here for some reason. It just isn't letting me. How annoying. BUT, if you google "diaperpin gdiapers" the first link will pop up and it'll give you a lot of reviews. It's totally mixed.. some people think they're great, and some people had tons of leaks. I don't know.

    I've been thinking about it a LOT.. I will go with gDiapers. I think. Pretty sure. Most people have a variety of diapers, esp as their kid grows and needs a different fit.

    Do I want the BG's that grow with my baby? Or the option of cloth or inserts with G's? Tough, tough decision. As far as the diaper goes, it LOOKS like it might be equal. AHHH!

    but reviews all cloth diapers. neat website!

  10. That urinal thing is so so so cute! :)

    Also, I'm very interested in those diapers. :)

    They're gonna be on a very cute baby butt some day.

  11. Crazy! I think most of the people who have leaks don't use them correctly. That may sound mean, but really. There is a CERTAIN WAY to use them. You'll get leaks if you use a sposie wrong. It's all in the user, IMO!

  12. The boulevard cs is amazing! It has a headrest that can be adjusted as your child grows taller and the car seat is tall in general so if you have a smaller car it definitely is not the car seat for you. But other than that the material is super luxurious and Caiden loves riding in it.
    Gdiapers... where do I start??? I'm disgusted with gdiapers. They soak through the diapers if you don't catch it quick enough. The cute little G falls off as soon as you start washing them. The velcro sticks on clothes the bigger the child gets because they are more mobile. The customer service is insanely lacking. We had a brand new diaper that was completely falling apart and it took about two months to get a new one sent, about a month of that was just waiting for a reply from all of our calls and emails we sent. I would never buy another velcro cloth diaper again and I am disgusted we wasted so much money on the gdiapers. From talking to other cloth diapering moms I know I am not the only one completely dissatisfied. But on a good note they look cute when they are brand new!

  13. The urinal would have been a disaster here (3 boys). Boys are messy, sitting backwards is what works best. Or at least makes for least clean up.

    And diapers, whether disposeable or not...each child's shape is different. Some can be total jonk, but others that work GREAT for one child may not be the right fit for another. Just like choosing bottles, best not to get your heart set on specific style or brand until baby is there and has a say ;)

  14. Interesting, because my nephews have never sat backwards and never make messes. My older nephew has peed standing up about 2 1/2 years now, and he just turned 5. I think the urinal would work great, and so does my sister, which is why she now wants one.

  15. I potty trained my three boys. 1st born with a potty chair. Ick. Second sitting forward on the big potty. Better. 3rd sitting backwards. By FAR the best and least messy.

  16. I have SO considered using the BUM genius diapers if I have another baby!!

  17. I can't even think about this stuff right now, lol! There's going to be even more new stuff by the time I have any kids. Everybody gets to think about babies right now and I've got to wait. I have baby fever too, but I definitely can't act on it right now. And it really sucks when my husband is begging me for one and I just can't think about that right now. These are some nifty gadgets though. You guys can give me your old stuff by the time I have any kids, lol!