Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me Monday!

There are only a couple hours left of Monday, but it's better late than never, right? Embarrassed and ashamed about things you did this week? Well hop right up, because it's Not Me Monday! time -- a blog carnival created by MckMama! If you want to read my absolute favorite blog, run (not walk) to MyCharmingKids and read about Big Mac, MckNugget, Small Fry, MckMuffin, and MckFlurry - her five delectable kids. Now on with the show:

Yesterday, as you recall, Mark left. I was not bored out of my mind and did not decide to make a batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies - the Nestle Toll House recipe. I gathered all my ingredients together, but my brown sugar was definitely not as hard as a rock. Though the bag was clipped tightly shut, my brown sugar didn't feel more like a brick than a food item. Nope. And then I most certainly didn't stick my hand in the bag and crumble it up in hopes that it would work. And when it didn't, I did not just go ahead and throw a couple clumps, way less than the recipe called for, in hopes that my mixer would break it up. Um, no. I always keep fresh ingredients and would never use months-old brown sugar..

Since Mark is gone, you know, I'm in charge of taking Piper potty each time. Obviously. So today when I took her outside, we saw two big (scary, ugly, horrible) dogs in our backyard. One came super close and I did not scoop my dog up so fast like she was an infant. I did not feel aggressive inside and then realize that the dog was a girl and felt silly. Oh, and then the neighbor did not cuss at his dog and scream at him (the other dog) to "get away from the poodle." I definitely didn't want to scream back, "SHE'S NOT A POODLE!!!" at my neighbor. I mean, maybe my dog might be mistaken for a poodle in some other lifetime. She is white and small. I mean, whatever..

And, finally, my kitchen is totally not dirty right now. I also did not buy paper plates this past weekend so I could avoid doing dishes while Mark was gone. Saturday is "Photograph: A Room," and I chose my kitchen. So it would be silly of me to wait til Thursday or Friday to fully clean my kitchen in preparation for my photograph session. That would be crazy.

So I'm definitely not doing that.

Join me next week and participate in Not Me Monday! It's too much fun - really!


  1. Haha I love that! Now that Nate is working such long hours and we can't eat together 6 out of 7 days of the week...I definitely don't (wink wink) just eat on paper plates with plasticware so I can avoid dishes. Nope, I don't do that either ;-) hehe

    I remember you telling me about those dogs earlier. That was just nuts! And how could anyone think that Piper is a poodle? Some people just don't know their dog breeds or can't see. One day we paraded around Petco with Autumn in a pink collar, pink harness, and pink leash, and people still kept calling her "he/him"...ugh!

    I might have to do a Not Me! Monday post next week on my regular blog, or maybe the Autumn one again. Not sure yet, but I love reading yours!

  2. doing Not My Dog Monday is SO FUN!!!!!! I've done it a couple times.. It's so great! DO IT!

    OH OH OH

    I also do NOT want to poke Jill in the eye for having a fling with Tucker. I also do not feel the need to shake Victor REALLY hard just so he will open his eyes when he talks and actually have a facial expression. Nope. His solemn constant attitude does not get to me at all:

    *eyes barely open" "I have it under control. Not you. Not your brother. Me. I'm in control." *eyes still barely open, staring off into space*


  3. Um, note to everyone else: That's off a tv show.. those aren't real people. I would never poke a real person in the eye or shake an old man. Like, ever. So don't be afraid ;]

  4. LOL, maybe one day we can do a joint blog fanfic of Y&R ;-)

  5. I love you. I really do. I love people who are as in love with their pets as other people are about their children. Maybe that's bc we have none yet & I love my Pee Wee so much.

    In the real world, I think we would be friends {:)


  6. haha. you crack me up. I just love you to bits. :)

  7. Love it! I could have written the part about the cookies myself. I have definitely NOT done the same thing with months-old brown sugar before. ;)

  8. The brown sugar, classic :) bahaha my grandmother puts it in the microwave. It brings back moisture. Mite help the next time you "Dont" go on a cookie crave ;). I like the idea of taking pictures of your rooms in your house, I mite just steal that idea.

  9. I love that. It's so funny. :) Seems like you will have a great week ahead of you. I love how you wouldn't yell at the neighbor... Your an awesome person for that... ;)