Monday, May 3, 2010

appointment & plant.

Today was my 16 week appointment to check up on our little one. Thankfully, Mark is always able to come to my appointments, which he really loves! There's not much to report on -- I peed in a cup and heard our babe's heartbeat. Punkin is scooting right along on schedule and has a strong heartbeat of 154bpm.

Tomorrow night we will be touring our birthing center (a requirement to give birth there). I also just emailed two teachers of a natural birthing class that we are required to attend. Actually, the class meets a lot. I'll know more about the schedule and things very soon. As my midwife says, "Anyone can breathe through pain, but this class tells you why you feel the way you do and exactly what's going on."

She also told me that I can't actually give birth in the water, but I can labor in water all I want. Since I'm a first time mom, they can't allow me to do it. I really, really wanted a water birth, but I guess I can have that experience with my second child (a long time from now). She said I can push in the water and then hop out when it's really go-time.

And, if you're keeping up with things, you might know that TOMORROW we find out if I'm carrying a boy or a girl! Our appointment is at 2:30pm Eastern time. I'll be announcing the gender here first, NOT on Facebook. So keep an eye out! We are thrilled and extremely excited to see our babe in 3D & 4D. We'll be getting a DVD of him/her moving around in the womb, which will be extremely precious. Our next ultrasound is June 1st, which will be the anatomy u/s where they measure our baby extensively.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day for us!


Remember when I made a list of things I want to do? One of them was to grow my own tomatoes. I haven't forgotten about my list and am still very serious about it. Today, we bought our little tomato plant!




Isn't it cute? Hopefully it grows, flourishes, and makes me many yummy tomatoes. I just had a tomato for lunch today. It was pathetic and pink (not great), so I'm excited about home-grown tomatoes! We're growing Better Boy tomatoes. I'm not really sure what the difference between them is, but that's that!

Tomorrow can't get here fast enough. SO ready for that ultrasound!!!


  1. Aww Shannon I'm so excited for your BIG update tomorrow! I can't wait to hear "read" what the sex of Baby Cox is!

    I'm sorry about the water birth. I know how badly you wanted to do that! I hope that you can do it for sure with baby #2!

    Have fun with the birthing class too.. I had to take one once for nursing school.. All the couples were mean in that class.. Granted it was an early morning one but still.. Cranky!

    Good luck with the tomato growing too! My parents do that every year.. They plant anything that they can make into homemade salsa so maybe you guys could do that too?

    p.s. i miss talking to you!

  2. Your plant looks great!! If it really grows,you may have to move it to a bigger pot. Happy that your exam went well. Love, mom

  3. What? I thought you said a 12" pot was fine. So we got a 12" one. I hope that one works, because it would stink to have to move my plant.

  4. Thats the same thing with me. I can't give birth in the water, but I can labor in the water. Which I will be doing! :) I'm excited to one hear about your appt tomorrow and hear about how the birthing center goes. I know you are super excited and can't wait.
    My parents grow tomato plants too! :) Home grown anything is great! Good Luck!

  5. I just started following you, but I'm excited to what you're having too! =) And, I'm totally with you on the home grown tomatoes thing! They're sooooo much better than store bought!

  6. Oh Shannon I'm sorry to hear that you won't be able to have the water birth you wanted. Extra disappointed because it's something I'm curious about because it's something I'm curious about and I'd have liked to read your experience.

    Good luck with the tomatoes. I love your stripey pitcher!

    I'll be checking back tons tomorrow to find out your big news! Can't wait to hear all about the scan.

  7. Yep - since I'm a first time mom, they don't know how my pelvis will "react" to birth since it's never been stretched to give birth before. SO.. it's a risk for me to give birth in water.. just in case of an emergency if my baby gets stuck. Sigh. Oh well :( at least I'll get to use the water for most of my labor.

  8. Sorry about the water birth! But at least you'll get to labor in the water!

    Your tomato looks great! I'll bet you can't wait to eat the first tomato off of it! I'm planting all my tomatoes, herbs and peppers tomorrow!

    So glad I have you on my google reader so I'll know exactly when you update your blog! : )

  9. OMG, I'm so excited about that thing your midwife told you about pain. Just so you know, since I watched The Business of Being Born, I'm writing my 16 page research paper on midwives cross-culturally. It's the most exciting homework I've ever done. You should read the book "The Woman in the Body" by Emily Martin. It is AMAZING.