Saturday, May 22, 2010

one oft the best days ever.

I'm not kidding when I say today was one of the best days ever. It was!

Amazing Thing 1: Mark fixed us breakfast this morning. It was great. And he even brought it to me in bed. A thin slice of paradise.

Amazing Thing 2: We headed off to Ikea in Woodbridge, which is 2.5 hours away. There was no traffic -- a rare occurrence. We ooh'd and ahh'd at everything in the store, as usual. Mark wanted everything for his "baby girl," and I had to insist that she actually didn't need a heart-shaped stuffed animal with arms.

he seriously wanted to get her this!

We got her crib, mattress, bookshelf, and dresser. Along with a kangaroo and a bead roller coaster. Ikea is SO much fun!! Sadly, there aren't many in the US. But if you're ever near one, go to one!

Amazing Thing 3: We went to Chipotle afterward. Seriously, nothing tastes better than their chicken tacos and guacamole with chips. We had to wait forever because everyone and their mom was at the Woodbridge Chipotle!!

Amazing Thing 4: We were able to visit Buy Buy Baby, the most amazing baby product store ever. I've never seen so many amazing products: an entire wall of Miracle Blankets. A wall of Sophie the Giraffes. Three huge walls (floor-to-ceiling) of every bottle/feeding item on the face of this earth. I've never seen so many brands of pacifiers in my life!! I was able to try on an Ergo, a Go GaGa diaper bag, and push $1,000 strollers. An even bigger slice of paradise.

They even sold gDiapers! This store is owned by the same folks at Bed Bath & Beyond. It's amazing, and we can't wait to go back later this summer!!

[pause for the not-so-amazing stand-still traffic on our way back home...]

Amazing Thing 5: We made a final decision on which bedroom Punkin would occupy, and everything fits! We're 75% done with her room -- we just need to put her dresser together. And by we, I mean Mark :)

This is about half of the nursery. The other wall has her daybed, her Ikea Poang chair (rocking chair), and the dresser will go next to her bookshelf. See that bead roller coaster? (That's what Ikea calls it -- is there a technical name for the beat toy on the bookshelf??) I put that toy together! And, okay, Mark did have to help me a smidge.

I so can't wait to get her bookcase filled with books! Piper, our sweet Big Sister, wanted to jump in the photo to pose for everyone.

Amazing Thing 6: We scraped together loose change (we have a lot of it for some reason) and went to Taco Bell tonight. And now we're watching Dogs 101 on Animal Planet. Could this night get any better?

..Well, maybe if my back pain would ease up, this day could get better. But besides that, this day ROCKED! I'm truly sorry if you live in South Central Kentucky and don't have the ease of going to Ikea and Buy Buy Baby. That's just the pits :[ It's too much fun.

And that concludes our awesome possum day. Tune in tomorrow for the full nursery tour. Cause you better bet your bottom dollar that we'll have it done by tomorrow night. I'm an eager beaver like that. Adios!


  1. That really does sound like an amazing day! Baby Girl Cox's room is so amazing! I love it! You're so cool with your modern baby room! ; )

  2. I think that Piper thinks that it is her room. Love, mom and dad

  3. Very nice looking nursery! I love that cube storage unit, so functional! You will be glad you got the "bead rollercoaster", my daughter has that same one and she will spend a half hour at a time playing with it! And the Poang chair? We have one of those and I adore it! Sooo comfortable for! yes, I would say Ikea is amazing.

  4. Oh my goodness I really laughed at that heart with arms. It is kinda freaky looking. I'm glad you told Mark no!

    The nursery is looking beautiful. I love love love the bookshelves. I especially like the color of the furniture.

    Hope your back pain eases up really soon.

  5. I've always called them "Busy Beads". It's possible my mom made that up, but it's what we use. It sounds like you got a lot done! The room looks awesome so far.

  6. Chris & I put our nursery furniture together all in one night. And by night, I mean we started putting it together around bedtime, and stayed up until we were finished. :) It is just TOO MUCH fun to get it done ASAP! What's the point of waiting?!

  7. You did a great job on the sweet. Are you going to paint the walls...if not the wall sticker work great. Be careful with those blinds by the crib due to the cord and the blinds themselves. I love Ikea!