Wednesday, May 19, 2010

stream of consciousness

Mark hasn't felt Punkin move since last Friday. I feel her all day long, but as soon as we put a hand on my lower stomach, she stops. What a stinker! I've been feeling much better.. except for the past two days. I've had a massive headache for over a day, and nothing seems to help it. No worries though -- just part of pregnancy and my blood volume increasing like crazy in the second trimester. It's expected. But it hurts.

Mark is studying at the dining room table. For you non-military people (half my readers): Airmen have these "test" things they have to do. They're called CDCs (Career Development Courses), and he has a book per month to work through and test on. Different jobs have different amounts of books. Mark's job has 8. Ew. He will be done by September... just in time to focus all his attention on Baby Girl :)

Our next ultrasound is scheduled for June 1. I'm beyond excited. I love love love our ultrasound technician -- she's just the sweetest little lady. And I talk her head off every time I see her. We get to bring a blank DVD to this u/s, and they'll record everything for us!

I'll be home in two weeks, and I'm getting all antsy. I feel pretty sad about leaving Mark and Piper here alone for so long. I'll be spending part of my time at my sister's house and the other part with my parents. The first half of my trip will be spent with C&H, and I'm sooo ready to love them to death. Sprout is actually due on June 10th, but he's been super low & head down for a long time now. So he may be coming a smidge early. Regardless, I can't wait to photograph him and hold him super tight.

I'm also pretty excited to see Hudsie's reaction to having a new baby brother. He has no idea what's about to hit him :)

I'm sipping blue Gatorade and watching Minute to Win It. What an entertaining show.


  1. I was plagued by awful headaches throughout my second trimester, as was my mother before stinks, but is totally normal!

  2. I saw you won another MckMama contest. Way to go! That was a seriously awesome prize.

    I feel sad for you that you'll be leaving Mark at home for a little while. It'll be interesting for him experiencing what you went through last year.

  3. Why do you have so many ultrasounds? This is part of the reason health care issues.

  4. First u/s was a dating u/s that they made me have. Second was the Nuchal Transluceny scan, which Tricare covers. Third was at a private business. Fourth is the anatomy scan where they measure her growth extensively. My husband serves our country for YOUR freedom, and one of the "benefits" is Tricare insurance. Ultrasounds are NOT the cause of our nation's healthcare crisis. If you truly believe that, you're sadly mistaken. What a joke. Nevermind the fact that your comment wasn't even a complete sentence ;)