Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fancy Nancy luncheon!

Once upon a time
I met a little girl
Dressed in pink, with a crown
Her hair done up in curls


She invited me to a party
a luncheon, if you will
We headed to Williamsburg
And, oh, it was a thrill!


A Fancy Nancy party
with little girls in pink
But I'd never read this book series..
so I didn't know what to think!


And we enjoyed an adorable lunch,
tea sandwiches, veggies & fruit.
We even got dessert:
two teeny cupcakes -- so cute!!



Did I mention where this was held?
Yankee Candle, oh yes!
Surrounded by yummy smells
This store was simply the best!


We wandered round Christmas Town
and through Vera Bradley too
I'd never seen so many candles
My pregnant nose didn't know what to do :)


So I got a little taste of what
my life might be like someday
Little girls, dressed in pink
Princesses alllll the way!


What a cute little time! The four of us headed to Williamsburg to the gigantic Yankee Candle store -- where they have everything you could ever imagine. Scents I'd never even heard of. Beautiful decorations and purses and so much more. I'm so not used to girly activities. In fact, I rather miss cheering on my nephew at soccer games!!

I'm so very excited to see what our daughter will be interested in. Mark is already planning daddy-daughter camping trips in his mind. I'm dreaming about which instrument she will choose. (Our church offers music lessons and orchestra for children!)

Today, we celebrated my first Mother's Day by going to Texas Roadhouse. And then I came home and took a nap. Church was wonderful, and our babe really enjoyed the sermon on Nehemiah. And by "really enjoyed," I mean she couldn't sit still. We've covered a chapter of Nehemiah each week, and I must admit -- I've never known so much detail about Nehemiah's life!

I so love being pregnant. Besides occasionally throwing up (it's becoming less frequent!), and weird hip and back pain, my pregnancy is great! I love my daughter so much, and in case you're wondering, I still can't believe that she is actually a she. I can't wait to raise my daughter and have the "best friend" relationship that my mom and I have :)

You might know that I love researching everything. To death. Especially on natural parenting.

Because every single choice I make affects our daughter. Where I choose to give birth. Whether or not I choose medication. If I choose to breastfeed. If we co-sleep. If we practice attachment parenting. The vaccination schedule I put her on. Everything. So, yes, you could say that we research a lot, because ignorance is not bliss when it comes to parenting. In our opinion :)

And it's pretty safe to say that we agree whole-heartedly with Dr. Sears, if you're familiar with his beliefs!

One of these days (maybe tomorrow!), I'll start blogging about why we're choosing the things we will choose, such as cloth diapering. And natural childbirth (pending my our health). And attachment parenting (& babywearing). Can't wait!


  1. cute blog honey, I cant wait to raise our child up. I'm so excited to take her camping and roast marshmallows and build a tent.

  2. Very cool! Glad that you had fun and believe me the researching never stops! For now it is car seats, slings and strollers. Next comes preschools, dance studios, and playgroups. The best part of it all though is that it is Mark's and your choice in the end how you want things to be done and no one has the right to make you do it any other way. Others will express their opinion of things and give you their advice as to what you should do, but in the end the choice is yours to make. Each parent is different in the way that they raise their children and that is one of the beautiful and wonderful parts of being a parent because it makes each child so very different and unique. There is no instruction manual with do's and don'ts. Happy first Mother's day and welcome to the Alumni of those who hold a M.O.M. degree! @>---}---

  3. a mosquito-bitten, jokester, ruffled/frizzy-haired little stinker of a kid ;] I can see her now.. hehe!!

  4. thanks, Rose!! :D I get to watch my sister research/make decisions on all of that stuff for my 5yo nephew, so I just take tips from her on how she handles stuff ;] Good prep for me for the future!!! :) :)

  5. What vaccination schedule have you picked? I'm having SUCH a hard time finding one I really like/agree with. :( We're planning on just doing 1 or 2 at a time but I dunno! Any advice would be excellent!