Tuesday, May 25, 2010

since being pregnant

Besides this bulging belly, there have been many new.. side effects to being pregnant. And really, who knew!? I've always read/heard about the crazy things that happen when you're pregnant. But no one really ever discussed it (that I knew). Well, I'm discussing it now.

Since being pregnant, I have this "pregnant nose." It drives me crazy. I can smell things from a mile away. Once a week, or so, I will smell this awful smell downstairs. Mark can't smell it. Naturally. I seriously go around the house sniffing everything trying to pinpoint its location. Mark is in awe of my smelling abilities and doesn't have a clue what I smell. And it isn't like anything is dirty, either!! It's really, really bizarre...

Since being pregnant, I had no idea that babies were so low. At least mine is. Our daughter is right where my bikini bottom would come to, yet my uterus is to my belly button (I can feel it). I had no idea that babies were so low! Who knew!? I guess I'd never felt my nephews kick my sister until she was further along and they were actually higher by then. And note: I have a doppler, so I know where she actually is because I can find her heartbeat down there still. Bizarre!

Since being pregnant, I've discovered what hunger is. All my life, I've apparently just had an appetite. Now? When I'm hungry, my stomach growls out loud. Really loud. So loud that Mark looks at me and says "Wow." And then I get these massive hunger pains!! I keep a granola bar in my purse for emergencies in case I suddenly get hungry. I'd always heard about how hungry pregnant women get.. but I had no idea. Well, now I do!

Since being pregnant, I've learned what back and hip pain really are :) I have no heartburn, constipation, or any other side effect. But I do have back pain. Oddly enough, if I keep walking or standing, it doesn't hurt! It only hurts when I sit for a while at church, the car, or anywhere else for an extended period of time. I'm not complaining, really! I just never knew what women meant when they said they had back pain. It's an entirely different pain than I've ever felt!!


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  1. Oh yes I agree with how low the baby is. I never knew the baby was that low until I got pregnant. It's so weird, I can feel the uterus at the top of my belly botton too!
    The pregnant nose, gosh I can agree with that too. Matthew thinks I'm nuts! But I'm not, I have another person that is just like me! :) Thanks Shannie!
    I don't get hungry pains, but you can hear my stomich at night really bad. It sounds like I'm starving, but I'm not! I promise.
    And Mark looks so different in that picture! You look about the same. That was my wedding year, and my birthday month! :) Yall look so cute!

  2. I'm always interested to hear peoples' experiences with pregnancies. It seems that every pregnancy is so different! We are currently TTC our first, so we'll see if I get to experience all these fun things soon, too :)

  3. OMG! You two look so young in that picture! :)

    And the hunger issue keeps right on going after you give birth, when breastfeeding. But you won't turn into a bear. Or, at least, I *did* when I was pregnant, and I don't now. I just still have a HUGE appetite. :)

  4. I had pregnancy nose too! There was a girl in my class across the room that opened her bottle of koolaid and it seemed like the whole room filled with that smell... and then it made me sick. lol Aw. Your pregnancy is taking me down memory lane!

    What kind of pain is it? In your middle back or is it lower and kind of in your bottom too? I had pregnancy-induced sciatica and it was a PAIN in the rear end- both literally and figuratively! Its a sharp or radiating nerve pain. Apparently a visit to the chiropractor can help fix it right up, but I never went. If it is it, sitting on soft surfaces will help and when you do get up be sure to do it slowly. I found that tucking my tailbone in when I walked seemed to help it, too, but others have said bending forward helped them more.