Monday, May 24, 2010

baby survey!

I found this survey on Baby Center, one of my favorite websites, and it was just too fun not to post! Besides, I love surveys!!

1. Are you going to have a natural birth? hope so!

2. Will you circumcise baby if you have a boy? I would, but she's a girl! :)

3. Will you be breastfeeding? yes!

4. Will you allow your baby to use a pacifier? absolutely.

5. How old will baby be when you take away the bottle? don't pediatricians recommend 1 year?

6. Will you allow your baby to watch tv before age 2? yes, but only certain shows

7. Will you have a tv in baby's room? no!

8. What will your baby wear for there first pic? she'll be naked!!

9. Are you going to have a crib? already do

10. What kind of toys are you going to have for baby? normal baby toys.. so far my favorite is her Sophie the Giraffe :)

11. Are you going to have a baby shower? yes yes

12. Do you plan to go back to work after baby is born. If yes, how long are you gonna wait before you go back? nope, SAHM!

13. Is baby taking daddy's last name or yours? his name

14. Will your baby be baptized? nope!

15. Do you have something from when you where a baby that you plan on using for your little one? (clothes, toys, etc.) I don't really have anything left from my childhood. Maybe a couple stuffed animals?

16. What is baby gonna wear for Halloween? I have no idea -- she'll be about 2 weeks old. Not sure what would look cute on a curled up newborn.

17. Have you thought about what will happen to baby if anything where to happen to mommy and daddy? yes, my sister would take her!

18. Where is the first trip you will take with baby? home for Thanksgiving to Kentucky! So excited that her first holiday will be Thanksgiving (my favorite!)

19. Do you plan on daycare? Nah, I'll be home!

20. When do you plan on letting baby drink soda? (age 2, 6, 10, etc.) Realistically, I let my nephew take sips of my drinks when he was 2. I'd like to say 10, but get real. I'd turn my back for one second, and he'd be stealing a sip ;]

That just reminds me of when I first met Mark, and we carved pumpkins together. Little Clayton was just teeny tiny, and he joined us in carving pumpkins:

What a twirp! I had no idea he was stealing a sip!! :D

I miss my little C :) Although he isn't so little anymore. Can you believe this is him?



  1. That picture reminds me of Hudson. He would steal a drink if he could. Ha! Love, mom

  2. Wow C and H could pass as twins if pics were side by side. If would be fun if you put both their pics up (around the same age) and ask us to guess. They are adorable!

  3. I would just like to say that I *love* how my readers call my nephews C and H. It's so so great :) And I also love how my friends now call me Shannie. That, too, is great. I have the best blog readers and friends!!

  4. That is sooo funny he is getting some of your drink! So cute!