Thursday, July 29, 2010

all about my baby shower.

I figured that you might want to hear about my baby shower. And plus, I'll enjoy looking back on this post someday with fond memories. So this post is for the both of us!

My sister & mom threw me the cutest little shower ever. And it was just perfect. We ate all my favorite shower foods and had the yummiest cake and cupcakes. My talented sister even carved homemade edible arrangements. She's something else, isn't she? :)

I knew I wanted games to be played at my shower. Because I think they're fun, and I'm all about fun. We decided to play the baby food game - which was fun to watch - and my pregnant friend got them ALL correct! Must be that pregnant nose :)

We got the cutest gifts for our baby girl! It turns out that there are loads of adorable baby girl items out there! Who knew!? I'm rather smitten with the idea of organizing her room with cute little baskets in her bookcase. Right now those baskets contain Eric Carle toys, bibs/burp cloths, wash cloths, etc. Later, when she's older, I'll get canvas totes and organize her toys in them.

So now you know her name! Please don't steal it :)

^my talented sister MADE those. amazing, isn't she?

After opening the gifts, we played another fun game - which my sister cleverly named "O Sweet Baby!" I'd never played this game before, but found it online, and it was so fun! Each candy bar was associated with a "clue" about parenting/pregnancy/labor. For instance: Mounds goes with laundry; Lifesavers goes with grandparents; Zero goes with time alone. Loved it!

Oh, and we got a Moby Wrap, and I'm totally obsessed and in love. More on that later. But I'll go ahead and say that Graydon, Mark and I give it 5 stars!!

Our shower was SO much fun and we are soo thankful! We're so blessed, and our baby girl is so loved. I really hope these next eleven weeks creep by, because I really want to enjoy this pregnancy and my time with her.. but I can't wait to see her in her sweet clothes and wrapped in her soft, squishy blankets. We have her going home from the hospital outfit picked out and her cloth diapers have been ordered. We're ready!


  1. I LOVE those letters! She did such a great job! Also I had already guessed your name;) but I think it is beautiful! And wow only 11weeks!!!

  2. LOVE that name!! I've never heard it before, and it is so lovely!

  3. The cakes are so cute! And the letters your sister made are amazing, I love the print.

    I'm so glad you shared her name early, it was driving me crazy not knowing. It's very pretty. I hope you share how you came up with it.

  4. Oh sure! Well, my grandma's name is Adeline, and my mom's middle name is Lynn. So we combined their names to make Adalyn :) and thanks! We looooove her name!

  5. Oh my... what a beautiful name with such meaning. You are very clever. She will have the coolest name in her kindergarten class for sure. WOW I am impressed!